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Happy stays for four-legged friends

Dog Boarding Australia

At Kip, we're reinventing dog boarding Australia-wide

The happiness of your four-legged friend is our focus at Kip. With room to move, outdoor space, expert care and top-notch facilities, you’ll find us at dotted across Australia. Before you schedule your next holiday, book your pup in at one of our locations - you won't have to worry about a thing!

Your pup will enjoy indoor and outdoor spaces, nutritious meals, treats and, most importantly, care from our passionate team of pet-loving people. Plenty of cuddles and social playtime with other pet pals are all part of the Kip experience. And you can follow along from home with our daily photo and video updates.

As the leading provider of dog boarding services in Australia, Kip probably has a location near you. You can find us in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and the Hunter / Central Coast region.

At Kip, we're reinventing dog boarding Australia-wide

Dog boarding accommodation

Luxury villas

While you enjoy your holiday escape, why not treat your canine companion to one of our luxury villas? Available at select Australian pet boarding locations, your pup will be able to stretch out and enjoy all the creature comforts on offer. Each of our luxury dog boarding kennels comes with the extravagances of a supersized private outdoor grass yard, an individual indoor retreat, and the cosiest single bed- just a few of the special touches your pup will love! And the icing on top? Your pooch will get its very own soft blankets, toys, TV, and air-conditioning.

Pamper your pup today with the finest pet resort-style rooming Australia has to offer.

Luxury villas

Classic Room

Our comfy classic rooms are a private haven for your pup. We don’t believe in rusty old kennels at Kip. Even for the most easy-going of canines, being in tight quarters all day can incite stress and aggressive behaviours. So, why put your pup through it? Space and access to outdoor grass yards are the standards at our Australian dog boarding facilities. Our pet resort rooms are well insulated and come with a cosy bed, so your pooch can enjoy a restful night’s sleep at a comfortable temperature, all year round.

Enjoy the many perks that come with booking dog boarding Sydney, dog boarding Brisbane, dog boarding kennels Melbourne, or a stay within one of our exceptional dog boarding Australia locations!

Classic Room

Extra Activities for Active Pups


At Kip, we know how much your furry friend loves to run around outside in the fresh air. So, when your pet comes to stay, add on some extra playtime in our beautiful and spacious grassy yards! Dogs require a certain level of physical exercise and mental stimulation every day to remain happy and healthy, so our outdoor play sessions will be just what the doctor ordered! Our highly trained team of Aussie animal lovers will supervise and provide lots of pats, toys, and treats!

When you book your furry family members in for playtime at Kip dog boarding Australia, you can have peace of mind knowing your pup is socialising and enjoying playtime in the safest environment!


Swims in our water fun park

Most dogs hit the ceiling when they spot water! Whether it be the ocean, a river, or a puddle, your dog is heading straight for it, ready for a dip. And who can blame them? Our Australian summers can get very hot, and our four-legged friends play hard, particularly those with longer coats. A swim in our water fun park is like heaven for dogs.

Available at our Hunter Valley and Brisbane locations, your pup will be able to burn off bundles-of-energy in our on-site pool! Swimming is a fantastic exercise for pooches young and old. It strengthens their muscles, hearts, and lungs while taking the weight off their hips and back joints. When you book your dog into Kip Hunter Valley or Brisbane, add on a splash in our doggie water fun park!

Swims in our water fun park


With Kip Australia, we know all too well your dog’s love of walkies! As spacious and beautiful as our facilities are, we understand that your dog will always crave new smells and adventures outside of the Kip home base. When you add a bushwalk to your pup’s itinerary, we’ll take them to a nearby bush track or park, giving them the chance to have a nice sniff before heading back inside for more playtime with their fellow doggie boarders. Our experienced team of carers ensure they keep a good eye on all dogs during our walks so that nothing goes wrong on the walk!

For dogs who love to explore the great Aussie outdoors, why not add a bushwalk each day around our paw-fect property?


Door-to-Door Transport

Kip provides the dog boarding Australians can rely on for the entirety of the boarding process. We’re all about convenience, and our pet chauffeur service means you don’t have to factor in another trip when you’re already going away. We’ll collect your furball from home so they can travel to one of our Australian locations in the comfort of our secure, fully air-conditioned van.

Safety is always our focus, so your pet will be cared for by a Kip team member throughout their journey, staying secure in their very own individual travel crate. When it’s time to return home, we’ll personally drop your furry family member back to your door.

Available at all boarding locations.

Treats and meals

Does your pup have any special dietary requirements? Maybe they’re allergic to eggs, or dairy doesn’t sit well in their little furry tummies? Not to worry, we’ve got food plans covered! Our team of carers at Kip dog boarding Australia are the experts at tailoring menus to match the diet your dog is used to enjoying at home. Our guests are fed ROYAL CANIN® as part of our base room rate.

What’s more, your pup can enjoy a range of delectable treats to make their stay with us that much better. Choose from our tasty selection of titbits like pig ears, small bones, roo-sticks, or Kongs stuffed with peanut butter to add to your furball’s stay.

We supervise all our doggie boarders during mealtime to prevent any funny business, ensuring your furry family member doesn’t have access to other foods.

What we do


Are you needing overnight care for your dog?

Keeping your four-legged friend happy, comfortable and safe is what pet boarding with us is all about. Every Kip trip comes with cosy rooms, premium meals, and extras that are sure to entertain even the fussiest pets.


Do you have a cat that requires overnight care?

Many of our pet retreats offer cat accommodation options. Our staff are well versed in the quirks of our feline friends - providing a high level of care and attention in accommodation from standard rooms to penthouse suites.


Don't just live with poor behaviour!

From puppy school to more tailored training programs, Kip offers dog training solutions that stick. Available at select locations, your dog will build good habits with techniques that are work for them.


Make your visit easier!

At Kip, we offer pick-up and drop-off to our locations to provide you with convenience and ensure you have a great experience.

Best-in-Class Rooms for Ultimate Comfort

When it's time to rest and recharge, your furry friend deserves nothing but the best. Our dog hotel rooms are thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable and secure environment where your dog can relax and unwind. Each room is equipped with all the creature comforts, including cozy bedding, temperature control, and soothing background music to create a serene and homely atmosphere, ensuring that your dog feels right at home during their stay with us.
Best-in-Class Rooms for Ultimate Comfort

Premium Food for Optimal Health

We understand the importance of a well-balanced and nutritious diet for your dog's overall well-being. That's why we provide premium quality food options that are carefully selected to meet your dog's specific dietary needs. Our team is trained to handle special dietary requirements and will ensure that your dog's meals are prepared and served with utmost care, catering to their individual preferences and dietary restrictions.
Premium Food for Optimal Health


What does dog boarding include?

Every Kip dog boarding staycation includes premium dry food, a spacious room, and playtime with our dog-loving Kip crew. Pups staying for 2 or more nights at selected locations will also be treated to a luxurious warm hydro bath and blow dry on departure. We’re not your traditional dog boarding kennel in Australia. You can paw-sonalise your pup’s stay with us by simply choosing to add extra treats and fun activities to their pet resort staycation- like added walks, playtime, and treats- for an off-the-leash doggy holiday!

How much does dog boarding cost in Australia?

Dog boarding with Kip starts from just $46 a day and includes a spacious room with a fun one-on-one playtime with our dedicated Kip team, and delicious premium food as standard. The happiness of your pup is our utmost priority, and we strive to provide a fun, safe, and engaging pet resort environment so that they have a pawesome time.

Where can I board my dog overnight?

With dog boarding Australia-wide in locations across NSW, QLD, VIC and SA - we hope you’ll find a Kip dog boarding facility close to you. If you can’t make it to us yourself, our door-to-door pet chauffeur service offers the ultimate in com-fur-t and convenience. Your pup will be safely transported in our air-conditioned van in an individual travel crate, supervised and comforted the entire time by one of our team members. At the end of their stay, we’ll drop your happy pooch back safely, right to your door. No one in Australia does dog boarding better than us.

Is dog boarding safe?

At each of our Kip dog boarding Australian facilities, your dog is our priority. Everything we do focuses on the safety and happiness of your furry family member. Safety always comes first at Kip dog boarding. Our team of trained professionals have years of experience in caring for dogs of all breeds and providing regular health and weight checks. Our network of vets is always on-call around-the-clock if needed. We don't keep secrets at Kip. We are completely transparent in the service and care we provide your pet. From medication needs, special food plans, and extra TLC - we have decades of experience and excellent systems in place to ensure the happiness and safety of your dog.

What if my pet takes medication?

At Kip dog boarding and dog day care, your pup will be well looked after. Our experienced staff ensures your pooch’s medication needs are taken care of, just as they would be at home. Simply pack your pet’s medication in a well-labelled container and let our helpful dog boarding team know. We’ll carefully care for and administer your pup’s medication to your specifications. We charge $5/day for the preparation and administration of medication for pets under our care.

Can I inspect your accommodation?

Absolutely! We’re proud of our top-notch Australian facilities and welcome all members of the Kip family to our locations across Australia. We encourage you to come in, meet us and inspect our beautiful dog accommodation before your stay.

Can I get a discount for additional pets?

We welcome pet siblings at Kip. At many of our locations we offer discounts for pets from the same family. Please look at the specific dates and location you require to confirm the pricing for the period.

Can I bring my own food?

The happiness of your pup is our priority. You are more than welcome to bring your dog’s own food to our pet resort if you’d prefer. We provide ultra high quality dry kibble as part of our dog boarding service. If you do elect to bring your own food, please ensure it’s well labelled.

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