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Identifying Dog Loneliness & Tips for Doggy Dating

“With more Australian pet parents returning to the office, vets and trainers like myself are increasingly seeing more dogs display signs of loneliness and sadly,
lara-shannon 3 weeks ago

The Cost of Doggy Daycare: Is It Worth the Bark?

Being a pet parent comes with its fair share of responsibilities, and one of them is ensuring that our furry companions receive the attention and
teamkip 9 months ago

Is Daycare Good for Dogs?

So you've seen pictures and videos of happy dogs in daycare, but is it right for your dog?  Dog Daycare means your dog isn't alone
teamkip 10 months ago

4 Unique Australian Dog Breeds

Here at Kip we welcome all dog breeds to our Kip Hunter Valley dog hotel and Kip Brisbane dog hotel as long as they’re suitable
teamkip 3 years ago

How to Choose a Cat Harness

How to choose a cat harness is one of the most commonly-asked questions by new cat parents. Your curious cat likes to climb all over
teamkip 3 years ago

How Often Should You Wash Your Dog?

As a new dog owner there’s no shortage of unknowns and confusion, and sooner or later you find yourself asking how often you should wash
teamkip 3 years ago