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Pet Boarding vs Pet Sitting: The age-old debate

You've booked a holiday. or you're goina awav. but your pet can't come with you - what to do? There are a multitude or options nowadays: pet boarding, pet sitter, friends, family... The list goes on

What's the difference between pet boarding and sitting?

The best way we’ve heard pet boarding described is it’s like taking your pet to a hotel, except all the guests are pets! Your pet will be waited on hand and paw after trained professionals to ensure they get enough to eat, play, and rest.

On the other hand, pet sitting can be more tailored, where an individual stays with your pet either at your own home, their home, or stops by to care for your pet based on a schedule agreed upon.

So which one should you choose?

The answer: it will depend on your dog! Each dog has different needs and responds to each environment differently.

Always do your homework!

Just like no two pets are the same, no two sitters nor boarding facilities are the same. In Australia, each state has their own rules and regulations that each boarding facility and pet sitter must follow, so it’s important that you look into them to see if your options are meeting this baseline.

Another great idea is to tour the boarding facility, or meet with the pet sitter prior to the actual stay. At Kip, all our locations offer tours of our facilities so you can see exactly where your pet will stay. We also recommend doing a shorter stay first to make sure your pet is well-suited and to get them comfortable, and to make sure you have peace of mind too, so you know what to expect when you go away for a longer period of time.

What does pet boarding look like?

Times have definitely changed within the last decade, and pet boarding locations are no longer just a practicality. In fact, our Kip locations offer add-ons, from extra treats, a roast chicken dinner, playtime, or you can even choose from luxury rooms, bushwalks or pool sessions, depending on which location you’re after! You’ll also receive regular photo and video updates from our team so you can see exactly what your pet is up to while you’re gone.

We understand that your four-legged friends deserve the world, and we want to replicate the care that they would have at home.

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