Dog Grooming

Whether it's after a day of playing with their best mates, or they just need a little extra pampering, we do it all!

Your dog can enjoy getting brushed, bathed, blowdried and more by our certified groomers so that they're fresh and clean for you (without all the headaches that normally come with a fidgety wet dog).

Dog Grooming

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Do you take all breeds and sizes?

Yes! Our certified groomers are trained to work with dogs of all shapes and sizes, so you can be sure your pup is in good hands!

Do I need to book a day of daycare with my groom?

No, you can come just for a groom. However, pick-up is required within 30 mins of grooming completion. Otherwise, a surcharge will be applied.

Why should I get my dog groomed professionally?

We know that not all dog parents have the knowledge or equipment to groom their dog. Not only do our trained groomers have the skill and expertise to give your pup a makeover, but they also know what signs to look for during the groom that may suggest underlying health issues, such as ear infections or poor skin conditions.

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