A fun & safe space for your furry friend

At Kip, we pride ourselves on creating happy days and happy stays for your four-legged friends. We’re paw-sionate about creating the perfect dog daycare environment for your pooch, wherever you're located in Australia.

During daycare hours, your canine companion will enjoy plenty of social playtime in our fully air-conditioned play areas. Our animal-loving crew of carers will make sure that when your precious pup goes home, they’ll be all tuckered out and ready for a kip.

As Australia's multi-award winning leading provider of dog daycare Australia-wide, Kip has several centrally located facilities across major Australian cities. Discover Kip at Alexandria, Newtown, and Marrickville in Sydney; Brunswick, Kew, Fairfield, Bayside, Bayswater, and Blackburn in Melbourne; and Broadview and Allenby Gardens in Adelaide.

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A fun & safe space for your furry friend

How dog daycare works

Doggy daycare at Kip normally starts bright and early at 7am with many of our pet parents dropping their fun-loving furballs off on their way to work. Because we know all dogs have different paw-sonalities, likes and dislikes, we start the morning by finding the right group of pals for every pooch based on their size and how they like to play.

Then, the fun begins. Your furry friend will play games and make friends under the supervision of our Kip crew, who know exactly when it's time for a game of fetch and time for a rest with dedicated nap time! When it comes to dog daycare, getting this balance right helps us make sure that every dog has a great time and goes home a happy dog.

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How dog daycare works

What does a day at doggy daycare look like?

Your doggo’s day is divided into morning and afternoon play sessions. In between, we have quiet (yes, quiet!) time so they can recharge for more fun. They’ll also get tasty treats as a reward for good behaviour under the care of our team. Our goal is to ensure every Kip dog is a happy dog. And we know you want in on the fun. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Every day, we share some of the best Kip moments via your Customer Portal and on our social media pages, so make sure you give us a follow!

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What does a day at doggy daycare look like?
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Trial Feedback
Trial Day Requirements

Getting started

Before you join the Kip family, we ask that your pup completes a trial day with us as a visitor. All of our canine companions have passed this assessment to make sure they’re a great fit for Kip and to ensure the health and safety of the whole Kip family.

Trial days are usually held on quieter days. First, we give your pooch a gentle introduction to the Kip doggy daycare environment by matching them with a small group of regulars that play well with new dogs and see how they settle in.

Once they’ve had the chance to meet some other dogs and explore all the new sights, sounds and smells, we’ll start introducing your pup to more of the other dogs so we can see how they play. New pups will be constantly supervised to ensure every doggy need is catered to.

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Trial Feedback

At the end of your trial day, we'll discuss the day and walk you through their report card.

Remember that not all doggos will be suitable, and not all dogs will settle completely on their first day. We'll be sure to let you know how well your dog fit in in the Kip environment and how often we recommend they come back.

Different daycares have different philosophies on which dogs to take, and we believe it's essential that all our dogs LOVE coming to Kip, rather than just tolerating it.

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Trial Day Requirements

• Puppies can attend 10 days after their second vaccination

• Dogs must be de-sexed by 12 months (In SA/ACT, we require a veterinary medical exemption for dogs to attend undesexed over 6 months)

• Pet parents must present an up-to-date C5 vaccination certificate and complete the Kip onboarding questions.

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Happy Customers

I can’t speak highly enough of this dog daycare. Our pup Olly just loves spending time here. The ladies take such good care of him and we can tell they treat all the pups like their own. Olly adores the staff just as much as he loves playing all day with the other pups. It has been so worthwhile for us, and has really helped Olly learn to play and respond calmly to other dogs. We wouldn’t take him anywhere else!



Our dog Gethin (Labrador cross) loves it! Staff are always friendly and he is always excited when we pull up to drop him off! Always comes home tired after he's had a busy day playing.



Frequently Asked Questions

Our opening hours differ between each of our Kip locations, but all our sites open early enough for you to drop your pup off before work, and stay open so you can pick them up on your way home!

You can find all our dog daycare centre opening hours on our location pages.

Our dog daycare centres are closed on weekends and public holidays, as well as during our shutdown period over Christmas and New Year to give our dedicated pet sitters and dog lovers a much deserved break. This varies each year, so please keep an eye on our social channels for pupdates!

Dog daycare costs vary - casual half day and casual full day rates can be found on our location pages.

Dog daycare can also be booked in 10 or 20 packs at a discounted daily rate. And for the best value you can join the Kip family! Weekly Kip memberships give you more bang for your buck, and come with numerous benefits including:

• One daycare per week
• Our cheapest rate on extra days
• 10% off dog wash and grooming services
• 10% off taxi services/transport
• 10% off at our retail shops

At Kip, we also offer half-days of dog day care! A half-day visit is any visit up to 5 hours from the time you drop off your furry friend. If your dog will be staying over their scheduled half-day time, you’ll be charged at the full day rate.

In order to keep all members of the Kip family safe, dogs can attend 10 days after their second vaccination (C5 or equivalent), be wormed and treated for fleas. Our facility will need to see proof of current vaccination from pet owners (vaccination certificate). We do not accept titre tests.

For the safety of other pups, Kip does not accept undesexed dogs over the age of 12 months (or over the age of 6 months in ACT and SA), chemical castration or females in heat/in season. If undesexed males display any undesired behaviours, we may ask you to keep them at home until they have been desexed.

All dogs young and old are welcome at Kip! Puppies are permitted to attend 10 days post receiving a C5 vaccination.

Before your pooch joins us, they’ll have completed a trial day to ensure the daycare environment is the right fit for them. Our trials are usually held on quieter days so as not to overwhelm your furball.

Once your dog starts, we make sure to place your dog with a group of similar paw-sonalities. That way, they’ll be able to play safely, and get the right balance of fun and chill they need and have the best day, every day. Ongoing sessions under the right supervision with other dogs are perfect for dogs with anxiety as they are slowly introduced to social situations with other dogs in a controlled and safe environment. It's a great confidence booster!

Want to join the pack? Before joining a Kip daycare, all dogs are required to complete a trial day to assess suitability to the environment. Kip may not be suitable for your dog, and while every effort will be made to integrate your dog, this may not always be possible and/or in the best interest of not only your dog but for the other dogs in care.

You can book in a trial day here.

For more information about trial days, check out the page for your nearest facility.

Welcome back to the pack! The best way to book your dog in is via our Customer Portal.

Alternatively, we also accept bookings via telephone or in person.

It is important that pet owners book ahead as otherwise you risk being turned away if the facility is at maximum capacity. Our busier daycares fill up quickly, so book ahead to make sure you get your paws in the door!

Drop off

While our activities are absolutely off the leash, we require all dogs to arrive at Kip on lead and wearing a well-fitted collar and/or walking harness. For the safety of both your own pup and other customers, your dog is to remain under your control at all times.

At Kip, we like to keep our foyers a calm and safe environment, especially for our newer pups. On arrival, please wait until a staff member is ready to take your dog and do not allow them to roam the shop, jump on staff or approach other customers.

We also know accidents happen, but please ensure you toilet your pooch before entering the shop.

Pick up

While we’d love to spend all hours of the day with your precious pups, the paw-ty must eventually come to an end! All dogs are required to be collected before the centre closing time. Opening hours for your nearest Kip dog daycare can be found on our locations directory.

All our centres have a late fee of $10 per 5 minutes after our closing time. If you’re running late, we will attempt to contact both you and your secondary contact. If you are unable to arrange the collection of your pet after 60 minutes, we will care for pup at the nearest Kip boarding facility or by one of our team. If overnight boarding is required an extra $200 will be payable and you are required to arrange collection of your pet at your own expense.

If someone other than you or your secondary contract will be collecting your dog from our centres, please inform a Kip employee and make sure we have their contact details too!

Absolutely! We post regular updates on our Customer Portal and social media platforms, so you can see how your pup is going and what fun they're getting up to with their new dog daycare friends.

We ask all paw-rents have access to a contact number in the very rare chance anything happens. However we like to let the dogs have their fun in our custom-built play yards, with the goal of keeping them too busy to need to contact their parents.

As pet parents ourselves, we understand the need for your pet to be looked after at all times and how stressful it can be to leave your furry friend with pet sitters. In the event of an emergency, you and/or your secondary contact will be notified immediately for collection. Kip employees will make every attempt to continue care where it is safe to do so and will transport your dog to our preferred local vet if required.

Daycare Membership FAQs

No, you can use your membership for all of your dogs. If you bring your two dogs to daycare, you can use your free day for one and the other will be just the discounted additional day rate.

When you first sign up, you’ll be charged for the first week, including a free doggy day care day that you can use straight away.

Every Saturday you’ll then be automatically charged for any daycare visit, retail, or other pet services you haven’t paid for from the week, as well as the membership fee for the upcoming week.

Yes, you can cancel your doggy day care membership any time after the first three weeks.