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Kip Ipswich

1 Hodgsons Rd, Walloon QLD 4306

Dog boarding

Kip Ipswich - Formerly White Rose Boarding Kennels and currently under renovation. Opening soon in August 2024!

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Make your pet's stay comfortable

Dog boarding

Classic Dog Room

From $59/day

Dog Extras

For Dogs

We have a range of additional services you can add to your dog's stay to ensure they have the best stay possible with us.




Extra Playtime

Extra Playtime


Delicious Dinner

Chicken & Rice Dinner


Experienced Team, Safe Space, Regular Pupdates, Tailored Care

is what makes boarding at Kip different!

We are passionate about providing the best care and enrichment for pets and a great experience for you. Our team of pet lovers have decades of experience.

We know every pet is unique, so we have various options, including different accommodation types and extra services, to ensure we are tailoring the stay to suit your pet’s needs - better yet, we will ensure you get frequent updates so you know you are getting the services you paid for!

With best-in-industry facilities and structured processes around health and welfare monitoring, team training, customer updates and enrichment, our team will make sure your pet has the best day, every day.

Experienced Team, Safe Space, Regular Pupdates, Tailored Care

We know there’s nowhere as special as home.

That’s why we give you the flexibility to adjust your pet's accommodation and services to best suit their needs.

Meet The Team


Ami Wilson

Cluster Manager

Ami has a proven record of success, passion, and dedication for animal care, having taken care of Brissy pets in both the boarding and daycare space. With her infectious personality and willingness to go above and beyond, Ami brings joy to all pets around her.

“Without even realising it, dogs are constantly teaching us one of the best lessons in life - how to live in the moment and enjoy happiness in the simple things.”

John Rice

John Rice

Boarding Manager

John brings over a decade of experience in animal management at zoological facilities, so you can believe he has a deep love for animals! John understands the needs of various animals and has spent his life caring for their physical, mental and social well-being, so it's no wonder he's an indispensable part of our team.

"I understand how hard it can be to leave your precious family members with us, even if only for a short stay, so it’s a great privilege to provide you with top-tier service and exceptional animal care."

How Boarding Works

FDT Step 1

Step 1: Choose Date

Request your boarding stay and complete your pet’s profile, including details such as your pets' vaccinations and any medication they need.

Boarding Transport

Step 2: Start Your Stay

Drop off your dog during reception hours. If you’ve selected transport, we’ll pick them up right from your door in the morning.

Boarding Yard

Step 3: Welcome & Health Check

Your dog gets settled in for their holiday, and staff gives them a health check.


Step 4: Holiday Time

Your dog enjoys playing and exploring the grounds with our staff, eating delicious meals, and resting in their comfortable room.

Boarding Pupdate

Step 5: Enjoy Regular Updates to your Phone

Enjoy regular photos and video updates right to your phone throughout their stay.

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Step 6: Home Time!

Pick them up during reception hours, or if you’ve selected transport, we’ll drop them at your door.

Has your pet been pawing to stay at a pet retreat?

What you need to know about your Boarding Visit

As pet pawrents ourselves, we know that leaving your pet for the first time can be stressful! Every trip to Kip includes your own room, 1-on-1 playtime with our staff, daily photo and video updates, and premium kibble meals, and we encourage pet parents to come visit the accommodation before the trip. Whether your dog loves running in our grassy yards, or your cat loves lounging in the sun, we’re sure your pet will have the best time!

To ensure everyone’s safety, please make sure that all pets are up to date with all vaccinations, and a certificate must be presented.

Has your pet been pawing to stay at a pet retreat?

What we do


Are you needing overnight care for your dog?

Keeping your four-legged friend happy, comfortable and safe is what pet boarding with us is all about. Every Kip trip comes with cosy rooms, premium meals, and extras that are sure to entertain even the fussiest pets.


Make your visit easier!

At Kip, we offer pick-up and drop-off to our locations to provide you with convenience and ensure you have a great experience.

How We Do Things

Safe & Fun

We have lots of fun together, but balance is key, which is why we tailor our services to meet your pet’s needs.

Passionate Team

With an in-house vet and decades of industry experience, our team of highly trained pet carers (and pet lovers) will ensure your pet is in the safest hands.

Regular Updates

Leaving your pup can be stressful, so we deliver regular updates (or pup-dates) right to your phone, so you know they’re having fun!


Does my pet need to be vaccinated?

All pets must be up to date with their vaccinations and present a current certificate to the team. We are able to care for pets if they’re not desexed. Our vaccination requirements are as follows:

  • Puppies may board 10 days after their final puppy vaccines as long as they are C5 or equivalent.

  • Kittens may board 10 days after their final kitten vaccines as long as they are F3 or equivalent.

  • Dogs must have an up-to-date C3 or better vaccine and an annual Canine Cough vaccination.

  • Cats must have an up-to-date F3 vaccination.

Does my pet need to be desexed?

We are able to care for pets if they’re not desexed. We do not take dogs in heat across our centres. To the extent your dog comes into heat whilst in our care, we will require an emergency contact to pick them up within 24 hours of being notified. We will not accommodate entire males in the same room as undesexed females.

Can you pick up my pet? When will the pet van come?

We provide door-to-door transport Brisbane-wide for an extra charge. Our driver will pick-up or drop-off your pet between 11am and 2pm, and someone must be home to facilitate the handoff.

Can I tour the facilities?

Absolutely! Simply contact us at [email protected] so our team can organize the best time for you to tour the premises.

My pet needs medication! Can you administer it?

Absolutely! For an extra $5/pet/day, we can administer medication to your pets. Please provide all medication in a marked vet bag and provide enough medication for the entire duration of their stay.

My dog is a picky eater! Can I bring my own food?

We sure can, for an extra fee of $3/day! Please provide all required food, clearly marked and labelled. Please inform staff if your dog has any food allergies.

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