At Kip, we're reimagining cat boarding

The happiness of your feline friend is what drives us at Kip. We’re not a traditional cattery; we’re a pet resort, where your cat will be treated to 5-star service and comfy accommodation. They’ll stretch out in their own personal room and stretch out in our luxurious living room-style space. And you can follow along from home with our daily photo and video updates.
At Kip, their staycation will be simply purr-fect.

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Cat boarding accommodation

Penthouse Suites

Our paw-sitively luxurious Penthouse Suites are designed for ultimate feline fun. A climate-controlled environment with a large private play area, nooks for napping and lots of toys make this pet resort space the cat’s meow. Your furry friend will be treated to premium nutritious food and cuddles from our cat-loving Kip crew each day.

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Classic Room

Clean, comfy and safe, the Classic Room is fully insulated and climate-controlled to keep your furry friend content, no matter what the weather. Your furball will enjoy cuddle time with our passionate pet team each day and a cosy bed in comfortable quarters to curl up in at night.

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Comfortable Care

  • Climate controlled environment
  • 1/2 hour wander time in our Kip cat living room and sunny courtyard
  • Premium Royal Canin dry food served in the morning
  • Daily video update

Complimentary with every Kip Happy Stay
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Extra Love - our most popular package

  • Climate controlled environment
  • 1 hour wander time in our Kip cat living room and sunny courtyard
  • Premium Royal Canin dry food served twice daily
  • One-on-one ¼ hour playtime including cuddles and a brush
  • Daily video update

Add $15 per day
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Super Spoilt

  • Climate controlled environment
  • 1 hour wander time in our Kip cat living room and sunny courtyard
  • Premium Royal Canin dry food served twice daily
  • One-on-one ½ hour playtime including cuddles and a brush
  • Delicious warm roast chicken meal served at dinner time.
  • Daily video update

Add $25 per day
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Pet Chauffeur Service

Our pet chauffeur service means you don’t have to factor in another trip when you’re already going away. Your furball will be collected from your home and travel to our pet resort in the comfort of a fully air-conditioned van.

At Kip, safety comes first. Your pet will be cared for by a Kip team member throughout their journey, staying secure in their very own individual travel crate. When it’s time to return home, we’ll personally drop your happy furry family member back to your door.

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Treats and Meals

There’s nothing like knowing your feline furball is comfortable and satisfied. We serve premium Royal Canin dry food every morning or, if your cat prefers, we’ll divide their recommended daily portion into two servings, providing both a morning and evening meal.

Special food needs? We have plenty of experience in personalising menus. Mealtime is supervised and your pet won’t have access to others’ food.

Choose to treat your furball to some special added extras – like one-on-one time or yummy treats. You can select from our menu of tasty tidbits to create an un-fur-gettable Kip pet resort experience for your loved one.

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Happy Customers

They have the most up to date facilities and these were spotlessly clean, no matter the time of day. Our 2 cats were well looked after. They had heating in winter, a lounge, TV, you name it. Summer was the same, with cool air conditioning. What wasn't to love.

Lilli and Bella A

Hiccups stay with these guys was beyond amazing! These guys go above and beyond for you fur babies. I have recommended them for all my friends and family and will be going with them from now on when we need her looked after.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does cat boarding include?

At Kip, we’ve reimagined cat boarding. Your cat’s happiness is our number one concern. That’s why we offer extra special touches as part of our standard service, to give your furball a simply pawesome experience. Every cat will enjoy their own private space, a temperature-controlled room, plus one-on-one cuddle time with our team. Top it all off with only the best premium Royal Canin food and a daily video update, to help you stay in touch with your loved one.

Trusting your bundle of fur to us is something we don’t take lightly. We understand leaving your beloved feline friend can be stressful. At Kip, we’re not a traditional cattery. We’ve reimagined cat boarding to be happy, comfortable and fun for your furry friend. We’ve custom designed our cat space with a lounge zone, TV and cat courtyard. Each cat receives daily one-on-one time with our cat-loving team and free wander time in our lounge and sunny courtyard. We find most cats settle in very quickly and have a relaxed and happy stay lounging and sunbaking in their comfy accommodation.

At Kip, your cat is welcome to stay with us overnight or for a longer-term stay. Talk to our paw-ssionate team about your needs and we can help discuss the options for your beloved ball of fur’s next cat boarding staycation.

Every cat is different. When your cat stays with us at Kip cat boarding we do everything we can to ensure they are happy, safe and having fun. Some cats may find it takes a little time to settle in to their new environment, while others take to it straight away. Luckily, we have a team of expert cat carers who are experienced in working with cats of all natures, to help them settle in and enjoy their stay with us. We find most cats settle in very quickly at Kip and have a happy stay at our pet resort, exploring our lounge area and courtyard and relaxing in their comfy accommodation.

This is a decision that every fur family must make for themselves. From our own years of experience caring for and working with cats, we know how to cater to every cat's unique personality. At Kip, we’re not a traditional cattery, that’s why we include special touches as part of all standard cat boarding stays, including daily one-on-one time and cuddles with our passionate team of cat carers. We also offer solo wander time in our specially designed cat lounge room and sunny courtyard, in addition to premium food for all furry guests - so you can be sure your pet has a tummy full of nutritious food and access to fresh water all day. The safety and happiness of your cat is our top priority.

Your cat will be well looked after. At Kip, our experienced staff ensure your pet's medication needs are taken care of, just as they would be at home. Simply pack their medication in a well-labelled container and let our helpful team know. We’ll carefully care for and administer your cat's medication to your specifications. We charge $5/day for the preparation and administration of medication for pets under our care.

Absolutely, we’d love to meet your fur family. We’re proud of our top notch facilities and welcome all members of the Kip family to our locations across Australia. We encourage all furry friends and their parents to come and inspect our accommodation before your stay.
Please contact the team to arrange an inspection during opening hours.

We welcome pet siblings at Kip. We’re proud to offer additional pets from the same family a 20% discount for pet resort accommodation when they share a room. Our optional additional packages are charged by the room, that means if you add an extras package for both pets during their stay, they’ll share the playtime and get double the fun!

The happiness of your cat is our priority. You are more than welcome to bring your cat's own food to our pet resort if you’d prefer. We provide only the best premium Royal Canin cuisine as part of our cat boarding service. If you do elect to bring your own food, please ensure it’s well labelled.