Pet Boarding Newcastle

Pet Boarding Newcastle

Pet Boarding You Can Trust

Here at Kip, we are determined to go the extra mile when it comes to boarding for Newcastle pet owners. Friendlier than your average kennel and cattery, we ensure your four-legged friend is happy, physical, and content with our team while you're away on holidays.

We believe that your pets should be able to enjoy the finest animal resort whilst you are enjoying a break. From the five-star service at Kip to our cosy rooms, nutritious meals, and spacious accommodation, we often find the most challenging part is getting pets to go back home after their stay!

Kip's pet boarding Newcastle service is offered in our Hunter Valley location, surrounded by bushland for your pet to safely explore during their stay. We offer a door to door pet chauffeur service for both cats and dogs, allowing you to focus on getting ready for your holiday while we get your furry friend ready for their own vacation. When you choose Kip for pet boarding Newcastle, you can count on the happiness of your four-legged friend being the number one priority.

Pet Boarding You Can Trust

Pet Boarding Newcastle: for Cats

We adore cats at Kip and have a beautiful pet resort specially built to house all feline needs. Kip is not your standard cattery; this is a pet hotel, where your cat can enjoy all the benefits of top-quality services and luxurious accommodation tailored to the unique requirements of a kitty.

Our classic room for Newcastle cats is equipped with a comfy cat lounge, and a courtyard for them to explore and play within. Kip's pet boarding for cats is within a comfortable environment, with staff on hand to give your furball all the individual attention they need. Our facilities are safe and secure, and all our cats will be stimulated enough every day without getting into any trouble. No matter the season, all rooms are fully insulated to keep pets comfortable and relaxed year-round.

Whether you need pet boarding for a day, a weekend, or longer, we assure you that your loved one will be pampered at Kip. With lots of extra add-ons for walks, brushes, and extra one-on-one cuddle time, we're positive that we can ensure your cat's stay is purr-fect.

Pet Boarding Newcastle: for Cats

Pet Boarding For Dogs

Kip's pet boarding Newcastle service offers everything a dog could need: spacious indoor and outdoor areas, healthy meals, and all the pats in the world from our team of dog lovers. Kip's facilities have been purpose-built to house dogs the way they should be, with enough space for them to be social and play but just enough private time to relax and wind down after a long day.

Whilst staying with Kip, your pooch will be spoiled with a whole range of activities that will keep them busy whilst you are away. From Kip's very own canine water park to the surrounding bushland for your doggo to safely explore, there is no shortage of activities for your pup to enjoy. We offer two styles of room for your furry friend:

Pet Boarding For Dogs

Hunter Valley Accomodation

Luxury Villas

Kip's luxury villa is the pinnacle of relaxation. Your pet will have a room to itself, along with all the trimmings they need. A massive private outdoor yard connected to their room is the special touch they need to make them feel most at home. Toys, soft blankets, and a TV ensure your pup is kept busy at all times. For the warmer months, we have air conditioning keeping the room at a comfortable temperature.

Luxury Villas

Classic Room

Kip is against the outdated massive, shared boarding facilities for dogs. We believe dogs, just like you and I, benefit significantly from having their own space. The classic room is rich in natural light and is well insulated; plus, with a cosy bed, your pooch will have a restful sleep every night. The rooms are regularly cleaned and treated for any nasties, so you can be assured your pup will be safe and sound between the walls of the classic room. Cats enjoy climate-controlled environments that are cosy and exploration friendly.

Classic Room

Pet Chauffeur Service

Kip’s pet boarding Newcastle is made all the better with the addition of our pet chauffeur service. Available for all pets, let us take away the nuisance of needing to drop off your pets at our Newcastle pet resort – we will come directly to you! Door to door service as standard; we will come and collect your pets and place them in a secure crate; they’ll have a comfy air-conditioned trip to our boarding facility. Following their stay, your four-legged friend will be escorted safely back to your door for you to reunite and swap stories about your holidays!

Pet Chauffeur Service
Mealtime at Kip

Kip knows that both dogs and cats can have sensitive stomachs. If your pet has any special dietary requirements, we are more than happy to accommodate them. We service premium pet food as standard, and we can tailor a menu to your pooch or cat as required. Mealtimes are supervised, so don't worry about neighbouring animals stealing your pet's goodies.

All pets at kip are entitled to a range of delicious treats as standard to reward good behaviour throughout their stay. There are also lots of extra goodies you can choose from to make their stay better, from pig ears to bones for them to nibble on.

What we do


Are you needing overnight care for your dog?

Keeping your four-legged friend happy, comfortable and safe is what pet boarding with us is all about. Every Kip trip comes with cosy rooms, premium meals, and extras that are sure to entertain even the fussiest pets.


Do you have a cat that requires overnight care?

Many of our pet retreats offer cat accommodation options. Our staff are well versed in the quirks of our feline friends - providing a high level of care and attention in accommodation from standard rooms to penthouse suites.


Make your visit easier!

At Kip, we offer pick-up and drop-off to our locations to provide you with convenience and ensure you have a great experience.


Don't just live with poor behaviour!

From puppy school to more tailored training programs, Kip offers dog training solutions that stick. Available at select locations, your dog will build good habits with techniques that are work for them.

Pet Boarding Newcastle NSW: FAQ

What does Kip’s pet boarding include?

Every Kip pet boarding experience comes with nutritious food, a well ventilated and spacious room with private spaces as well as a secure indoor and outdoor space to explore. Dogs can have social play with the other dogs, whilst cats are given extra time with our handlers to keep them pampered with pats. Cats and dogs are kept separate to ensure everyone has a relaxed time.

Is pet boarding stressful for animals?

Leaving your family pet behind when you go on holiday can be a stressful time – we get it. At Kip, we will ensure your pet is as happy and comfortable as possible. Animals of all shapes and sizes can make use of Kip’s custom-designed space; with a balance of social play and downtime, all pets settle in quickly and will feel right at home. Our staff are pet handling experts and understand the specific needs of your dog or cat and how to make sure they feel safe and comfortable at Kip.

How much does pet boarding Newcastle cost?

The price for keeping your pets with Kip firstly depends on the animal you wish for us to take care of. For dogs, boarding starts at $43 per day, and for cats, it’s $26. From this, you can add on extra activities, more treats, or upgrade the size of the room. For more information, get in touch with the Kip Newcastle team to find out how much it will cost to board your pet.

Will I get a discount for additional pets?

You bet! We welcome pet siblings at Kip Newcastle. Pets from the same family are entitled to a 20% discount for accommodation when your pets share a room. Both pets will be entitled to any additional packages, as they are charged by the room. If you have both a dog and a cat to board with Kip, please contact our team, and we will work out a price for you.

My pet needs medication, can you administer it?

Cats and dogs will be well looked after at Kip. Each member of our experienced staff will take care of your pet’s medication needs, as they would be at home. Simply pack their medication in a well-labelled container and let our helpful team know. We’ll carefully care for and administer your dog or cat’s medication to your specifications. We charge $5/day to prepare and administer medication for all pets under our care.

I’m a bit worried about my pet, could I come in and inspect the facility?

Of course! If you’re interested in how our pet boarding Newcastle service operate from our Hunter Valley facility, you are more than welcome to come in and meet our team to see if the centre is suitable for your pooch or feline friends. We are very proud of the effort we have put into these pet resorts and would love for you to come and check them out.

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