Pet Boarding Central Coast

Pet Boarding Central Coast

Pet Boarding at Kip Lake Macquarie

Dogs and cat owners rejoice! Kip has landed on the Central Coast, offering pet boarding for household pets when their owners need to jet off on holiday. Kip's pet boarding is a fun and happy environment for pets. Whether it's the premium service from Kip's staff to the comfy rooms for your pets, we guarantee they'll have just as much fun here as you do whilst you're away.

We'll ensure your pooches are not only pampered but will be exercised alongside their designated playgroup. We pick these groups based on the most compatible and social dogs of similar sizes to ensure everyone has fun.

Dog and cat owners can find Kip's pet boarding Central Coast offering in Morisset. With acres of enclosed fresh grass, your dogs have plenty of space to run around during their stay. For our feline friends, there is a dedicated cattery on the property (far away from the dogs) where your cat can relax in their own space or enjoy social time in the lounge. Sending your pets off to pet boarding on the Central Coast has never been this easy. We often find the hardest part is getting your furry friend back in the car home!

Pet Boarding at Kip Lake Macquarie

Specialised Pet Boarding for Dogs

Handing your precious pup over to a friend to take care of when you're away is a hassle, and you'll constantly be worrying about whether your paw-fect pooch is getting the same loving you show to them daily. That's where Kip can help. Our boarding kennels on the Central Coast are full of all the things dogs love, wide spaces to run around, toys to play with, comfy beds to sleep in, and most importantly, other dogs!

With a well-balanced mix of social time and downtime, your dog will have plenty of opportunities to have some much needed relaxing time as well as tire themselves out playing. All dogs will receive the finest dried dog food, and if your pup has any dietary requirements, we are more than happy to ensure they receive their special food you bring along with you.

Specialised Pet Boarding for Dogs

Peaceful Cattery for Felines

Separate from the dog kennels, Kip has a relaxed cattery for your cats to enjoy comfort and security when you are away. The rooms are comfortable in the colder months and with plenty of ventilation when it gets warmer. The cats are treated to a beautiful view of the property, and there are comfortable beds, seats, and even indoor climbing trees for them to sit and relax in.

All our staff at Kip are experienced in handling cats of all temperaments, accommodating everyone from shy kittens to more independent older cats. The cattery is secure, and all cats will be protected inside from the elements, one another, and the dogs on the other side of the property. We will ensure that no cat stays bored, with plenty of stimulating activities at Kip's pet boarding Central Coast retreat.

Whether you require Central Coast pet boarding for a day, a weekend, or a month, we guarantee your cat will spend every minute being pampered at Kip. We've got lots of additional services, including brushes and walks. We know we can help ensure that your cat's time with us is purr-fect.

Peaceful Cattery for Felines

Treats and Feasts

Whether you require Central Coast pet boarding for a day, a weekend, or a month, we guarantee your cat will spend every minute being pampered at Kip. We've got lots of additional services, including brushes and walks. We know we can help ensure that your cat's time with us is purr-fect.

You can add plenty of yummy treats to your dog’s stay, from pig ears, small bones, and kongs filled with peanut butter. Plus, all cats will have access to their own range of tasty luxuries too.

We tailor the nutrition for all dogs and cats at Kip, but if you have any dietary requirements for your cat or dog, we will be happy to ensure they receive it. Please let us know and make sure you bring it with your pet.

Mealtimes are supervised for both cats and dogs – so if your furry friend comes in with their own special food, we guarantee they’ll be the only ones eating it.

Treats and Feasts

Frequently Asked Questions

Is pet boarding stressful for animals?

At Kip, our mission is to ensure your pet is as happy and comfortable as possible during their stay. Animals of all shapes and sizes can make use of Kip’s space, with room for both cats and dogs to enjoy a balance of social play and downtime. We find all pets settle in quickly and will feel right at home. Our staff are pet handling experts and understand the specific needs of your dog or cat and how to guarantee they feel safe at Kip.

What does Kip’s pet boarding include?

Every Kip pet boarding Central Coast experience comes with nutritious food, a well-ventilated and spacious room with private spaces as well as a secure indoor and outdoor space for your pet to explore. Dogs can have social time with the other dogs, whilst cats are given time with our handlers to keep them occupied. Cats and dogs are kept separate from one another to ensure everyone has a relaxed time.


Will I get a discount for additional pets?

Yes! We welcome pet siblings at Kip. Pets from the same family receive a discount for accommodation when they share a room. Both pets will be entitled to any additional packages, as add-ons are charged by the room. If you have both a dog and a cat to board with Kip, please contact our team, and we will work out a price for you.

How much does pet boarding on the Central Coast cost?

The price for keeping your pets with Kip firstly depends on the animal you wish for us to take care of. For dogs, boarding starts at $43 per day, whereas for cats, it’s $26. From this, you can add on extra activities, more treats, or even upgrade the size of the room. For more information, get in touch with the Kip team to find out how much it will cost to board your pet on the Central Coast.


My pet needs medication, can you administer it?

Cats and dogs will be well looked after at Kip. Each member of our experienced staff will take care of your pet’s medication needs, as they would be at home. Simply pack their medication in a well-labelled container and let our helpful team know. We charge $5/day to prepare and administer medication for all pets under our care. We’ll carefully care for and administer your dog or cat’s medication to your specifications.

I’m a bit worried about my pet, could I come in and inspect the facility?

Of course! If you’re interested in how Kip’s pet boarding Central Coast centre operates, you are more than welcome to come in and meet our team to see if the facility is suitable for your pooch or feline friends. We are very proud of the effort we have put into these pet resorts and would love for you to come and check them out.

I can’t make it to your location, will you come and collect my pet?

If you can’t get to our pet boarding on the Central Coast yourself, we have a dedicated door-to-door pet chauffeur service that will bring your pet to our location. They’ll travel in style, with a fully air-conditioned van and their own private travel crate. Once they’ve finished their stay at Kip, they will be transported safely right back to your door.

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