Doggy Day Care Melbourne

Doggy Day Care Melbourne

Reinventing Melbourne Dog Daycare

At Kip, we pride ourselves on creating happy days for your four-legged friends. We believe that puppy daycare should act as a home away from home, a place where your canine companion can enjoy plenty of stimulating activities, make friends in a safe setting and receive quality care and attention. Your puppy will enjoy plenty of social playtime in our custom-built play areas. Our skilful team of animal-loving carers will make sure that your dog is always safe and looked after. By the time your tired dog gets home, they'll be ready for a deserved kip. Kip Doggy Day Care Melbourne in Bayside is the place to be for dogs of all breeds, shapes or sizes.

Reinventing Melbourne Dog Daycare

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Expert Doggy Daycare in Melbourne

Physical and mental stimulation for your puppy is super important in keeping them happy, engaged, and sociable. Daily interaction and engagement with other pups can help with feelings of loneliness, anxiety or boredom. Regular exercise is crucial for a dog’s happiness, and with the stresses of modern life, many of us often don’t have the time to give them the intensity they crave. Nothing can replicate the energy spent from dogs playing with each other – that constant wrestling and running around gives them the outlet they need. Moreover, socialisation with other friends is an important experience – especially in younger, formative years. This will help prevent future anti-social behaviours and is crucial for their early development. Throughout the day, we'll make sure play, socialising, and attention are available in endless bounds.

Expert Doggy Daycare in Melbourne

See what our guests think

Margaret Hill

Meg & all staff at Kip did a fantastic job in training and looking after my beautiful Daisy , I was kept informed with lots of photos and videos of her progress. Highly Recommended.

Sarah Barras

We had our 6 month old energised, divine vizsla in care and train for 12 days whilst overseas. We were very anxious first time users- as always have used in home sitters with our other dogs. Our baby was too risky to leave at home, in case a door or gate wasn’t shut etc as he is very fast and not perfect in his manners yet. He had daily training at Kip, extra cuddles every lunch with staff, walks and enrichment programs. We have been delighted with his performance on his return- his excitement is huge but he can keep 4 feet on the ground, sit, drop, concentrate under distraction. It has been an awesome jump start on his behaviour. We rested knowing he was safe, well fed (regular weigh in) and daily video updates of our goofy boy. Strongly recommend.

Dina Calogiros

I would like to thank kip for looking after my cat while being away. Its always hard to leave my beloved cat, but always know that he is been looked after and loved be this amazing cattery. The staff a friendly and loving. Always receiving pictures and updates always puts my mind at ease. I highly recommend kip as the cat place to be. Thank you so much for looking after Casper, he really enjoys coming and spending time there.

Alex G

My go to place for my dog when I travel. Just to add: i really like the activity feeds. I can see my dog is happy and is being looked after when he is there.

Getting Started with Kip

Trial Day Requirements

  • Dogs must have had their final vaccine 10 days before attending

  • Dogs must be de-sexed by 12 months

  • Pet parents must present an up-to-date C5 vaccination certificate

  • Dog parents must have completed the Kip Enrolment Form

Trial Day Requirements

First Things First

Before you join the happy Kip family, we must ask that your four-legged friend completes a trial day with us to make sure they’re a great fit for our daycare services.

All of our Kip canine companions across daycare and boarding in Melbourne have passed this assessment to ensure the health and safety of the whole family.

First Things First

Trial Days with Kip

Trial days are typically held on our quieter days. First, your pet pal will get a gentle introduction to the day care environment and culture. We’ll match your dog with a small group of regulars at our puppy daycare that play really well with new dogs to assess how they settle in. Once they’ve had a chance to meet the family and explore all the new sights, smells and sounds, we’ll start introducing them to more of the other dogs to see how they play.

Trial Days with Kip

What's Included in Kip Doggy Daycare?

A Day at Kip

A Kip day starts bright and early at 7 am so that our parents can drop their lovable pals off on their way to work. As pet owners ourselves, we know that all dogs have different personalities, character traits, likes and dislikes. To set up the perfect day for your pup, we start by finding the right group of friends for every dog based on their size and how they play.

Home Away from Home for Your Pup

Your doggy’s day is divided into two morning and afternoon play sessions. In between, we’ll have quiet time so they can recharge for more fun. Tasty treats are a reward at Kip Dog Daycare Melbourne – but only for good behaviour! At Kip's dog daycare in Melbourne, your dog will spend their day socialising, playing and experiencing plenty of cuddles from our fantastic and caring staff. With Kip, your dog will be having so much fun, you’ll want in too! Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We share some of the best Kip moments through our customer portal and social media pages every day, so make sure you give us a follow to stay in the loop.

Daycare simplified with our Memberships

At Kip Doggy Day Care Melbourne, we believe that coming to daycare should be as easy as possible. That's why we introduced our weekly Kip Membership! Your weekly membership includes one free daycare day and unlimited discounts on additional days, meaning you can come as much as you want knowing you're getting our best deal. And your Kip Membership is for the whole family - just one membership gets you access to discounts for all of your pooches! Contact our friendly team to find out more today!

How Are Dogs Assessed On Trial Days?

We introduce your dog to a small group of regulars that are welcoming and who we believe to be a good match. Our staff will watch your pup closely to assess how they interact and connect with the environment. As they get more settled, we’ll move them between groups based on energy levels and play styles. At the end of the day, we’ll discuss the day with you and run you through our report card.

We are aware that sometimes certain dogs take a while to settle in and that this cannot always be achieved on the first day. We’ll be sure to let you know how your pup went on his trial day, and often we recommend they come back. However, some dogs are just not a great fit for the environment.

Different daycares have different philosophies on accepting dogs. At Kip, we believe it to be absolutely essential that all dogs apart of our family love coming to daycare, rather than just enduring it. This is how we ensure the quality of our daycare centre and keep everyone, including you, happy!

How Are Dogs Assessed On Trial Days?

How does a First Day Trial work?

FDT Step 1

Step 1: Choose Date

Request your first daycare trial and complete your dog's profile.

FDT Step 2

Step 2: Arrival

Drop off your dog at Kip before 9am.

FDT Step 3

Step 3: Settling In

Your dog will slowly be introduced to the daycare group, allowing them to interact with other dogs under close supervision and encouraging positive socialisation.

FDT Step 4

Step 4: Scheduled Rest Time

Nap time and health checks to reset and recharge before an afternoon of play.

FDT Step 5

Step 5: Regular Pupdates

Enjoy photo and video updates right to your phone.

FDT Step 6

Step 6: Home Time

Pick up your dog in the afternoon and our team will talk you through your dog's day and recommendations for future visits.

What we do


Are you needing daycare for your dog?

Whether you’re at work for the day or just want your dog to get some extra enrichment throughout the week, Kip dog daycare is your answer! We provide enriching activities, safe socialisation, and expert care, making for happy dogs all day long.


Don't just live with poor behaviour!

From puppy school to more tailored training programs, Kip offers dog training solutions that stick. Available at select locations, your dog will build good habits with techniques that are work for them.

Learn More About the Kip’s Facilities in Melbourne

Do I need to buy multiple memberships if I have multiple dogs?

Your doggie daycare membership applies to all of your dogs! If you bring two dogs to day care, you can use your free day for one and your other dog can stay at the discounted additional day rate.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

You’ll receive discounted doggie daycare days every week and will receive an additional 10% off all retail, training, washes and transport when applicable.

When will I be billed?

When you first sign up, you’ll be charged for the first week, including a free day that you can use straight away.

Every Saturday, you’ll then be automatically charged for any daycares, retail or other services from the week that haven’t been paid for yet.

How much does a Kip membership cost?

When you purchase a membership, we will inform you of the weekly membership fee, the additional dog daycare fee and any discounts you are entitled to.

We reserve the right to change these prices at any time and at our complete discretion by providing you with at least fourteen days written notice sent to your preferred e-mail address. At this time, you will have the right to end your membership with no penalty.

Can I cancel if my situation changes?

Yes, you can cancel any time after the first three weeks.

Are Kip’s facilities safe?

At Kip, your dog’s safety is our number one priority – particularly for doggie daycare. We’ve put a lot of time and dedication into making our doggy day care centres world-class and of the highest standard in cleanliness and hygiene.

Our floors are non-slip and water-resistant to make sure they stay safe and free from germs and odours. Our play yards are separated by 1.8m high fences and are big enough to play in but small enough for our staff to manage.

What if my dog is shy?

Before your dog joins us at daycare, they will have completed a trial day to assess if our daycare is the right environment for them. Our trial days are held on quieter days so as to not overwhelm new pups who are experiencing all new smells, sights and sounds at once.

Kip’s Dog Daycare in Melbourne is welcoming to dogs of all different personalities, breeds and sizes. We have a diverse group of happy pups that are more than friendly.

Why should I choose Kip?

At Kip, we leave no stone unturned when looking after the comfort, safety, and happiness of your furry friend. We have world-class facilities, cage free rooms, constant supervision, and an excellent, experienced team of professionals who love caring for and playing with animals, especially dogs. Our focus is every dog’s individual happiness in a safe environment, including to ensure your pup is a happy dog. We understand how hard it can be to leave your pup in the hands of someone else but make no mistake; your beloved dog will never feel lonely with Kip. We’re passionate about providing exceptional day care for doggies of all shapes and sizes!

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