Dog Boarding in Newcastle, NSW

Looking for the best dog boarding Newcastle has to offer? Meet Kip – the state-of-the-art pet boarding facility that provides your dog with the love, care, and attention they deserve while you’re on holidays. Located in the Hunter Valley, we're a mere hop, skip, and jump away from the centre of Newcastle. Worrying about who will look after your dog when you go on holiday can be stressful – we get it. You want to leave your dog with someone who cares about them just as much as you do, ideally with the same level of love they receive while at home. You’re in luck. At Kip, our dog kennels in Hunter Valley, NSW are run by dog lovers, for dog breeds of all shapes and sizes. Each day spent is a day full of activities, pampering, and buckets of fun with other furry friends. Before heading off, be sure to book your pup in with Kip’s leading dog boarding service for Newcastle pets.

Dog Boarding in Newcastle, NSW

Pet Boarding You Can Trust

When you entrust Kip with your furry friend, your dog will have access to private and outdoor play spaces, with other pups to socialise with each day. We provide nutritious meals, an appropriate amount of treats, and endless pats for the more affectionate types! Your pup will have all the social time they need with other dogs but enough space to have well-earned rest when they need it.

Don’t want to miss out on the fun? Stay in the loop - our staff post frequent updates on social media and will provide you with daily photo and video updates. We know it can be hard to leave a dog behind, but often we find the hardest part is getting your doggo to leave Kip to go home!

Pet Boarding You Can Trust

Dog Kennels Newcastle Pups Love

Luxury Villas

Who says you have to be the only one that gets to experience an extravagant vacation? Your furry friend can stay in one of Kip’s luxury villas. Offered at our Newcastle dog boarding location, your pup will be able to enjoy all the benefits of a private room and garden. Booking your dog into one of Kip’s luxury villas provides them their own outdoor grass yard, and a private indoor refuge with their own single bed. Here they can watch TV, play with their toys, or wrap up in a blanket, and all the while kept comfortable in a fully air-conditioned room.

Luxury Villas

Classic Room

Here at Kip, we stay away from the old kennel style of extensive, shared facilities. Our classic room options offer your pup their own special room with a comfy bed to rest their paws. All rooms are fully insulated at have lots of natural light, and even then, your pup will have plenty of time to go out and play in our outdoor yard during the day. We believe in the importance of giving dogs their own space, as even the most social dogs can become stressed or aggressive when sharing all aspects of their dog boarding experience.

Classic Room

Happy Dogs Are Active Dogs

Aquatic Adventurers

Available at our dog boarding Newcastle location, your dog will adore splashing and running around in Kip’s very own water park. Complete with water features and lovely shallow water for dogs to roll about in, it’s the perfect location for dogs to cool off from those hot Australian summers. Pools offer the ideal opportunity for dogs to strengthen their muscles and become more confident around water. Just like humans, swimming is excellent for the heart and lungs and gives some well-deserved relief to hip and back joints.

Roaming the Bush

As much as your pooch will love our Kip facilities, we know how important exploration of new sights and smells are in keeping their minds interested. If you choose to add a scenic bushwalk to your pup's boarding experience, a member of our team will take them to an outdoors location nearby so we can walk them around (on a lead!) and give them the chance to do some adventuring. A walk in the bush is the paw-fect opportunity to get some needed exercise whilst also learning to become familiar with new spaces and environments.

Social Play

Fresh air and grass are all your puppy will need to race off and play with the other dogs boarding at our Newcastle location. Dogs need to have stimulation and physical exercise, having other dogs to play with is a nice social bonus. Rest assured, your dog will be watched closely by our animal-loving staff, who are all well-trained in managing pups and keeping things under control if things get too crazy.

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Are you needing overnight care for your dog?

Keeping your four-legged friend happy, comfortable and safe is what pet boarding with us is all about. Every Kip trip comes with cosy rooms, premium meals, and extras that are sure to entertain even the fussiest pets.


Make your visit easier!

At Kip, we offer pick-up and drop-off to our locations to provide you with convenience and ensure you have a great experience.


Don't just live with poor behaviour!

From puppy school to more tailored training programs, Kip offers dog training solutions that stick. Available at select locations, your dog will build good habits with techniques that are work for them.

Dog Boarding Newcastle Frequently Asked Questions

What do Kip’s dog kennels in Newcastle include?

Each Kip dog boarding Newcastle stay comes with nutritious dog food, a well ventilated and spacious room with private spaces, as well as an indoor and outdoor space to explore. Your pup will also have the chance to enjoy social play with other dogs. Every dog gets a luscious hydro bath and blow-dry as they leave, getting them clean, fluffy, and relaxed as they arrive home. There are plenty of extra amenities you can add onto their stay to keep them content whilst you are away; contact us to find out more!

How much does dog boarding cost?

Kip’s dog boarding Newcastle stay starts at just $43 a day, offering your dog a spacious room with its own grass yard and own space. The starting fee comes with playtime with a Kip team member and delicious dog food. If you are interested in any additional features or a room upgrade for your pooch, simply give us a call to arrange it!

Do you accommodate dogs with dietary requirements?

If your dog has a sensitive stomach or is allergic to some foods, that’s no issue at all. We can very easily tailor a special menu to your four-legged friend and ensure they get the nutrition they are used to at home with you. We have lots of treats to give good boys and girls, and offer nutritious main meals for all shapes and sizes. Our staff monitor feeding time for all our residents to ensure they are only getting the food they need and don’t eat anything they’re not supposed to!

I’m a bit worried about my dog, could I come in and inspect the facility?

Of course! If you’re interested in how our dog boarding Newcastle centre works, you are more than welcome to come in and meet our team to see if the facility is suitable for you. We are very proud of the effort we have put into these dog resorts and would love for you to come and check out our Newcastle boarding facilities.

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