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West Hindmarsh's Best Doggy Day Care

West Hindmarsh's Best Doggy Day Care

Kip West Hindmarsh (aka Allenby Gardens) Dog Daycare is Adelaide’s newest doggy daycare, opening on April 11.

We live and breathe all things canine. We’ve created the safest and happiest environment for dogs, big and small, of all different shapes, breeds, and sizes.

We know how hard it can be to leave your pup in the care of a stranger, but you can have peace of mind knowing your furry friend is in the safest hands and will receive the highest quality of care with Kip. They’ll take part in lots of exciting activities that give your pooch the mental stimulation and the exercise they need, and when it’s time for pickup, your dog will be satisfied and pooped from a full day of play, ready for a long kip back at home.

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A Day in the Life at Kip

At Kip Doggy Day Care in West Hindmarsh, we can’t wait to see your furry friends. We throw open our doors at 7 am, so you can drop off your pet bright and early on the way to work.

We factor a siesta in between our morning and afternoon play sessions so that your pup can rest up for the afternoon’s festivities. Our daycare members have access to water at all times, and our team of expert carers will reward good behaviour with lots of tasty treats throughout the day!

We’ll make sure to place your dog into a group of similar paw-sonalities, going by size, age, and breed. Matchmaking our dogs ensure there are no arguments and that everyone gets along like a house on fire!

Are you missing your four-legged friend? You can stay up to date throughout the day. Check-in on our customer portal or follow our Instagram page to get your daily dose of doggie shenanigans!

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A Day in the Life at Kip

Trial Days At Kip

Before your pup can join us on our play dates, we like to give our newest members the oppawtunity to complete a trial day with us at Kip. It gives us a good indication of how your furry friend reacts to a new environment and their fellow furry peers. Our trial days also allows your dog a smooth transition into life at Kip.

The last thing we want to do is overwhelm our newest members, so we are all about introductions during your pup's trial. We want to give them the chance to settle in. Once they have acclimatised to the new smells, sounds, and surroundings, we'll familiarise them with our other members of the Kip West Hindmarsh Dog Daycare.

We'll be closely watching your dog to assess their social skills, energy levels, and play style and we’ll run you through our assessment at the end of the day. We want our dogs to LOVE coming to Kip's Australian puppy day care, so our trial days are essential to getting to know our newest members.

We ask that you remain available and contactable on the off chance that your dog needs an emergency pick-up.

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 Trial Days At Kip
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Trial Day Requirements:

Getting Started

Trial Day Requirements:

• Puppies can attend 10 days after their second vaccine (C5 or equivalent)
• Dogs must be de-sexed by six months (or up to 12 months with vet medical exceptions)
• Pet parents must present an up-to-date C5 vaccination certificate
• Pet parents must have completed the Kip Enrolment Form

When you’re ready to book your pup in for a trial with Kip in West Hindmarsh, give us a call on (08) 7123 3003. We can’t wait to meet you and your pooch!

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Coming to Doggy Daycare should be as easy and stress-free as possible.

That’s why we’ve introduced a weekly Kip Membership!

Your weekly membership includes one free day and unlimited discounts on additional days. You’ll receive an additional 10% off on all retail, washes, and transport when applicable.

What’s more is, a Kip membership is for the whole family – meaning just one single membership gives you access to benefits for all of your pups who attend our daycare!

Kip West Hindmarsh's daycare membership is flexible, which means that after the initial period of three weeks you can cancel at any time, so you don’t need to pay if you go away.

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Coming to Doggy Daycare should be as easy and stress-free as possible.

West Hindmarsh

At Kip, we’re all about happy stays for your four-legged friends while you’re away.


Happy Customers

We took our 8 month old pup to Kip for his trial day and we couldn't be happier. The staff were wonderful and sent us a video, and made sure to keep us updated throughout his visit. It was great to see him playing so happily with his new friends. He absolutely loved his morning at Kip. We will definitely be back.

From the moment we stepped inside the staff really put our minds at ease. Instead of leaving her to fend for herself amongst a bunch of other dogs, they introduced her slowly to the new environment. They even provided a report card at the end of her first day! We’ve been back again since and our puppy enjoyed herself. The “pup-dates” throughout the day really help assure us that she’s having a good time. We’ll definitely be back regularly!

10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for somewhere for their best mate. We have been sending our Fergus to doggy daycare for over a year now and he is always treated with the utmost care and respect and treated like royalty. Plenty of playtime and socialising with the other pups and staff. Even the odd daytime photo and update of what he's been up to. He always looks forward to Daycare Day.



Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Kip Membership cost?

We don’t have secrets at Kip. So, when you sign up with us, we’ll provide you with an upfront membership quote. We’ll also inform you of any additional daycare fees and active discounts we might have at Kip Dog Daycare Allenby Gardens.

Please know that our prices are not fixed and are subject to change at our discretion. We’ll let you know 14 days in advance in which you can cancel your membership with no penalty charges.

When will I be billed?

Once you’ve signed up with us at Kip Allenby Gardens Dog Daycare, you’ll be charged for the first week on a Saturday, which includes a free daycare day that you can use straight away, or whenever you please!

You’ll be charged automatically for any daycare services, retail, and products you purchase, any other outstanding services, and for the upcoming week of daycare. 

What if my dog is shy?

Our trial days are designed to get your dog to come out of their shell. It helps us assess whether the environment is suited to your pup and if they’ll get along with our regulars. We understand that your dog might need a few sessions to warm up, so we encourage return visits to get your dog comfortable at Kip.

At Kip Allenby Gardens Dog Daycare, we are lovers of dogs great and small. We’ll introduce your pooch to our friendliest and most welcoming regulars first, let them make friends and then let them branch out with our other members so that the process is smooth and never overwhelming.  

Are Kip’s facilities safe and hygienic?

At Kip Allenby Gardens Dog Daycare, the safety and wellbeing of our pooches are paramount. Our facilities are accident-proofed and are the highest standard for safety and cleanliness.

All our dogs are fully vaccinated to prevent the spreading of diseases.

On those hotter summer days, your doggo can enjoy their time at Kip in the comfort of air-conditioned facilities.

Our trial days are there to ensure that all furry members get along. Socialising dogs early during their formative years is crucial to their social development to prevent aggressive, anti-social behaviours later on.

Our floors are non-slip and non-absorbent to ensure they stay free of germs and odours, and our expert staff members supervise all of our Dog Daycare Allenby Gardens doggos at all times.

Can I have a look at the Kip Allenby Gardens facilities?

Absolutely! Our Allenby Gardens dog daycare is the best in the biz, offering air-conditioned play stations, and an expert team of carers, but don’t take our word for it, come check us out in person! Give the Kip team a call on (08) 8944 2939 and book in for a viewing session. We are paws-itively eager to meet you and your furry best friend!


Why do you charge a late cancellation fee?

The late cancellation charge allows us to reallocate your reservation to another pup if you are unable to attend your session. This late cancellation/no-show charge applies to customers that fail to cancel by 5pm the day prior to the reservation.

What are the requirements to attend?

• Dogs can attend 10 days after their second vaccine (C5 or equivalent)
• Dogs must be de-sexed by 6 months
• Pet parents must present an up-to-date C5 vaccination certificate
• Pet parents must have completed the Kip Enrolment Form

Once these are completed, you’re all set to join the pack!

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