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West Hindmarsh Dog Daycare

with Kip West Hindmarsh

91 Grange Rd, Allenby Gardens SA 5009

Dog daycare

Kip West Hindmarsh is conveniently located in Allenby Gardens - drop off your dog on the way into the CBD! Your dog will love their day with us, getting plenty of enrichment, making new friends, and getting lots of cuddles, all in a safe and supervised environment.

Long Opening Hours

Kip West Hindmarsh is open Monday - Friday from 7am - 6:30pm. We are closed on all public holidays.

Structured Play and Rest

Playtime is always fun, but all play and no rest makes Fido an overstimulated dog! We make sure to break up high-energy play with structured rest to keep all the dogs happy and well-behaved. 

Regular Photo and/or Video Updates provided throughout the day

As pet parents ourselves we know leaving your pup can be daunting so we deliver regular photo and video updates (aka pup-dates) right to your phone. You can access these through an easy-to-use customer portal!

Pricing Comparison

Existing Customer Pricing

No matter your schedule, we've got options for you and your dog.

Weekly Membership

Weekly Membership


Package Deals

Package Deals

From $52/day

Casual Visits

Casual Rates


Has your dog been itching to try daycare?

You need to attend a First Day Trial before coming more regularly!

We want to ensure your pup gets started on the right paw when they join the Kip family. That’s why all dogs do a first-day trial to see whether the daycare environment suits them. On this first-day trial, we encourage you to arrive before 9:00am to give your dog the best chance of success. We will give you an update throughout the day, and at pick-up, you will receive a report card, and the team will discuss a recommended attendance plan. You will also need to be available for an earlier pick-up should our staff deem that daycare is not suitable for your dog.

Grab a 3-Day Intro Pack for only $26/day (1 month expiry) - saving $87!

To attend daycare, your dog must be vaccinated (to C5 or above) and desexed if over 6 months (or up to 12 months with medical exception). Dogs can attend their First Day Trial 10 days after their second C5 vaccination.

Has your dog been itching to try daycare?

A daycare worth barking about!

From playtime to cozy naps, Kip provides a stimulating and nurturing environment, ensuring your dogs enjoy their day to the fullest.

See what our guests think

Sandy Foote

Our greyhound Heidi has been going to Kip at West Hindmarsh since June last year. We took her there because she suffers from separation anxiety and we cant leave her home for more than two hours. She and 'us' were a bit nervous to start with, but we need not have worried as she has an absolute ball and kip staff know exactly what they are doing! We love seeing the photos and videos they send by email each day to see what a great time she's having with all the other doggos. She usually goes to Kip twice a week and comes home happily exhausted. Thanks so much to the lovely staff for your love and care for all our doggos ❤️

Bridget Rees

"Fred here! Kip Doggy Daycare at West Hindmarsh is pawsitively amazing! The staff are super friendly, professional, and they treat me like a king. I wag my tail non-stop when I'm there, and I love the photos and videos they send to my human mum n dad. It's been a real game-changer for my social skills—I'm now a pro at making furry friends! ( I’m the good looking Spoodle in the middle pic) Plus, I'm always snoozing happily in the car on the way home. Two paws up for KIP we all highly recommended!"

Kahla Adam

If you love your dog you should send them to Kip Hindmarsh! It’s Barry’s favourite place in the world, we know this because he told us…😉 the girls are so incredible, they truely adore all the dogs that come through. Barry has come to Kip once a week for the past year and he loves coming to see his best friend, Cosmo AND the girls who give him lots of cuddles. Upon our request they threw him his first birthday party which included a doggy friendly birthday cake! I couldn’t give a higher recommendation, we are so happy we found an environment our dog loves and has a blast in!

Kiera Sharkey

Every paw parent needs a Kip West Hindmarsh in their life! By far the best doggy care out there. Koda has been going since she was just a pup and still loves it 2 years on! She now knows what “kip” means and gets excited to hangout with her friends every week. The staff at Kip go above and beyond to make sure that Koda has the best experience, as they do for every dog that enters their doors! We love the ‘pet portal updates’ and seeing the dogs dressed up for different events throughout the year. Such a fun environment for your dog! Highly recommend :)

Experienced Staff, Safe Space, Structured Routine, and Fun Activities

is what makes Kip doggy daycare different!

Not every doggy daycare is built equal! At Kip, our daycare model is built off decades of doggy daycare learnings and experience. We put your dog first and ensure both you and your pooch are able to get the most out of our enriching daycare environment.

After the First Day Trial, your dog will reap the benefits of the structured daily routines and our focus on developing fundamental skills and manners (recall, gate manners, group sits) that makes Kip unique. To top things off, you’ll receive regular photo and video updates of your dog’s daycare experience, receive honest feedback and see the benefits daycare provides.

Experienced Staff, Safe Space, Structured Routine, and Fun Activities

Meet the Team


Luke Andrews

Cluster Manager

Luke (and Padfoot) have been part of the Kip community for several years. He comes with a wealth of experience and has proven it every day. His passion for dogs and his team is unquestionable, and he throws himself into every challenge with energy and enthusiasm.

“Seeing the process of dogs from their first day and growing in confidence visit by visit is always super rewarding. The mixture of being able to work with dogs and have so much fun at work but also conversing with so many lovely owners as well.”

Sarah Nassau

Sarah Nassau

Assistant Manager

Sarah is a ball of sunshine who is always willing to say yes to making sure all dogs in her care are taken care of. She has shown true drive and passion for dog care and it's no wonder she's a loved and irreplacable team member.

Georgana Coles

Georgana Coles

Daycare Manager

Georgana is a seasoned expert in dog care and has a heart of gold. She has shown true leadership and drive throughout the years. Her care and love for our daycare dogs is unquestionable and she has contributed towards the centre's upward trend whilst also creating a positive and cohesive team that are all behind her vision.

How does a First Day Trial work?

FDT Step 1

Step 1: Choose Date

Request your first daycare trial and complete your dog's profile.

FDT Step 2

Step 2: Arrival

Drop off your dog at Kip before 9am.

FDT Step 3

Step 3: Settling In

Your dog will slowly be introduced to the daycare group, allowing them to interact with other dogs under close supervision and encouraging positive socialisation.

FDT Step 4

Step 4: Scheduled Rest Time

Nap time and health checks to reset and recharge before an afternoon of play.

FDT Step 5

Step 5: Regular Pupdates

Enjoy photo and video updates right to your phone.

FDT Step 6

Step 6: Home Time

Pick up your dog in the afternoon and our team will talk you through your dog's day and recommendations for future visits.

What we do


Are you needing daycare for your dog?

Whether you’re at work for the day or just want your dog to get some extra enrichment throughout the week, Kip dog daycare is your answer! We provide enriching activities, safe socialisation, and expert care, making for happy dogs all day long.

How We Do Things

Safe & Fun

We have lots of fun together, but balance is key, which is why we tailor our services to meet your pet’s needs.

Passionate Team

With an in-house vet and decades of industry experience, our team of highly trained pet carers (and lovers!) will ensure your pet is in the safest hands.

Regular Updates

Leaving your pup can be stressful, so we deliver regular updates (or pup-dates) right to your phone, so you know they’re having fun!


What are the requirements to attend?

Dogs can attend doggy daycare 10 days after their second vaccine (C5 or equivalent)

• Dogs must be de-sexed by 6 months (or up to 12 months with vet medical exceptions)

• Pet parents must present an up-to-date C5 vaccination certificate

Once these are completed, you’re all set to join the pack!

How does a daycare day work?

A Kip day starts bright and early at 7am, giving you plenty of time to drop off your furry friend on the way to work. Your dog’s day will be divided into two play sessions, morning and afternoon, and is broken up with quiet time in between to relax and recharge. This balance ensures that every dog has a great time without being overwhelmed and goes home looking forward to their next visit.

How will my dog be grouped?

Groups are generally based on size, personality and play style so that your pup can enjoy their time with their BFFs (best furry friends!). Our animal handlers will also switch around groups as needed so that your dog gets the best out of every visit.

How safe is Kip West Hindmarsh?

Safety is our number one priority. All dogs in our care are fully vaccinated and have passed their trial day before joining. Our floors are also non-slip and water-resistant, and our fences dig-proof.

Why do you charge a late cancellation fee?

The late cancellation charge allows us to reallocate your reservation to another pup if you are unable to attend your session. This late cancellation/no-show charge applies to customers who fail to cancel a daycare visit by 5pm the day prior to the reservation.

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