Doggy Daycare Brisbane

New to dog daycare in Brisbane? Meet Kip: Australia’s leading pet care facility. We’ve got 14 daycare locations across Australia, and dozens of boarding sites too! Our facilities provide a safe, fun, and welcoming daycare for pups of all shapes and sizes.

Kip’s primary goal is to provide a home away from home for your furry friend. Designed to simplify the pet-sitting process, our dog daycare centres allow for dogs to play, learn, socialise, and burn excess energy while you’re at work all day – all under the guidance of our passionate, animal-loving team.

We’re reinventing what dog daycare means and are excited to have you along on the journey. Have your pup join the Kip crew at our Brisbane daycare facilitates today to ensure they have the best day, while you’re working away!

Doggy Daycare Brisbane

Locations Offered

Happy stays & happy days

Are you busy working long hours in Brisbane city? Maybe you’ve moved to a new apartment with less space for your dog to play around in – whatever the case, we’re not here to judge – we’re just here to provide the necessary care and attention your dog is used to while you’re at work or away during the day!

Your pup will get a chance to interact with other dogs, exercise, and even get a nap time in with Kip. It's the perfect place for your furry friend to remain sociable in a safe and controlled environment, as well as allow them to get the enrichment, both mental and physical, that they need while you're busy at work. Kip offers the dog daycare Brisbane residents can rely on day in day out.

Happy stays & happy days

Getting Started with Kip's Dog Daycare

Trial Days with Kip

Trial days for doggy daycare are generally held on our quieter days so that your pup can have a relaxed, calm introduction to the Kip experience. On this day, we’ll match your dog with a small group of regular members who play well. Once they’ve had a chance to mingle and explore our Brisbane puppy playground, we’ll introduce them to other dogs. Through previous experience, we’ve developed this method and can support its effectiveness in not overwhelming new furry friends.

On these trial days, we ask that you or a friend be available on short notice in the event we need you to come to pick up your pet from our dog daycare Brisbane facility.

Trial Days with Kip

See what our guests think

Kenn Lydiard

I like them. Straight up staff, considerate yet not fussy. Good to deal with. One very happy dog; he turned to his handler as we left and was wagging the tail off his rear end. I'll accept that as a recommendation. Looked good, well fed and cared for. Will use them again, because we can.......

John Z

Always choose here when we are on holiday. Our German Shepherd is well looked after.

Holly Shannon

I am not sure where to begin to explain the wonderful experience I had with Kip. After finding out short notice that I needed to fly home to New Zealand because of my dad being admitted to hospital. A friend recommended I contact Kip to see if they could take care of my dog Frankie. Nikki was a pleasure to deal with on the phone which was a relief given I was already highly emotional. She called me back within a short time to inform me that they did have space for Frankie and that I could drop him off after 2pm that day. This was the first time in the 6 years I have had Frankie that he spent time at a kennel so I was very nervous, but those nerves were eased with the welcome we received on arrival to Kip. While I was away I received daily photo/video updates and all I can say is Frankie looked so happy. This was very reassuring for me given how anxious I was about him staying in a kennel. I honestly cannot recommend Kip Brisbane Pet Resort highly enough and I will be using their services from now on when I need a place for frankie to stay.

Rachel Fitzgerald

Highly recommend KIP Brisbane Pet Resort for your pets accomodation and needs. I have a staffy who is very anxious and does not get along with other dogs due to trauma. I called numerous other resorts and they refused to take her due to her needs. KIP did not hesitate once about taking her in. They treated her like their own and were so loving and kind towards her. I could see she was very comfortable with the staff through the daily updates they provided and she especially loved the pool! I will 100 times over leave my fur baby with them again. Well done team 👏 🥰

Trial Day Requirements

• Dogs can attend 10 days after their second vaccine (C5 or equivalent)

• Dogs must be de-sexed by 12 months

• Pet parents must present an up-to-date C5 vaccination certificate

Trial Day Requirements

Before We Get Started

Before your pup can join the Kip family, we must ask that they complete a trial day with us. Trial days are required to ensure they’re a good fit for our dog daycare and safeguard the well-being of other dogs. All current Kip companions have passed this assessment for dog daycare, ensuring the health and safety of our entire crew. Doggy day care starts with safety - that's a non-negotiable.

Before We Get Started

Doggy Daycare in Brisbane: What's Included?

A Day in the Life at Kip

Wondering what your pup will get up to while you're gone? First things first, a day at Kip starts bright and early at 7 am to give pet parents plenty of time to drop off their dogs in the mornings.

From there, your pup get to hang out with other pups with a similar temperament - we start by finding a good group fit of friends for every dog, based on size and play style. These groups will be under the careful guidance of our caring staff, who know exactly how to balance a full day of activities and keep it exciting. This makes sure every dog has a great day and comes home as happy as can be, with all pent up energy spent.

A Day in the Life at Kip

What we do


Are you needing daycare for your dog?

Whether you’re at work for the day or just want your dog to get some extra enrichment throughout the week, Kip dog daycare is your answer! We provide enriching activities, safe socialisation, and expert care, making for happy dogs all day long.

Questions & Queries Answered

Are Kip’s Doggy Day Care Facilities Safe?

You bet – your dog’s safety is our number one priority. We’ve put a bunch of time, energy, and resources into ensuring every Kip location is as safe, clean, and hygienic as possible – including our facilities in Brisbane. The kinds of measures that you can expect include non-slip and water-resistant floors, tall fencing across play yards, and multiple gates – not to mention, our high-quality, dog-loving team members who have a watchful eye on pups all day!

Can I Inspect Your Facilities?

Yes – we actively encourage inspections of our facilities to help put all pup parents at ease. Contact us on 1800 951 926 to set up a viewing time during our opening hours for our doggy daycare in Brisbane. All are welcome!

How Does the Membership Work?

Our memberships are designed to make your life (and your pup’s) easier. A weekly Kip membership will include one free full-day of doggy day care and discounts on additional days. You’ll also receive an additional 10% off on all retail and washes. A membership also extends across the whole family – just one membership gives you access to the benefits for all your dogs.

Kip’s Brisbane memberships are flexible, which means that after the initial period of three weeks, you can cancel at any time and you don’t need to contiue paying if you go away. You’ll be charged for the first week when you first sign up; every Saturday thereafter, you’ll be automatically charged for any services from the week that haven’t yet been paid for.

When you purchase a membership, we’ll inform you of the weekly fee, additional daycare fee and any available discounts. We reserve the right to change these prices at any time with complete discretion, providing you with 14 days’ notice. At this time, you’ll have the right to cancel your membership with no penalty. Want to learn more about how a membership works? Get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll provide answers to all of your burning questions!

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