Cat Boarding Brisbane

Cat Boarding Brisbane

The Cattery Brisbane Kittens Love

There’s no doubt about it – Kip provides the best cat boarding Brisbane wide. If you’re after a cattery that you can trust to care for your kitty while you’re away, look no further than Kip Happy Stays.

Kip are pleased to offer world-class boarding facilities in Brisbane for pets of all shapes and sizes. When it comes to caring for your cat, we believe that your cat’s boarding experience should feel like a vacation, no different to the level of premium love, care, and attention they’re used to at home.

We recognise that cat boarding can be a stress-inducing experience for both you and your cat, which is why we’ve worked so hard to develop the most comfortable, happiest cattery Brisbane has to offer.Kip BrisbaneTestimonials

The Cattery Brisbane Kittens Love

Kip Brisbane Cat Boarding

Our pet resort facilities and staff account for the needs and personalities of all cats, not just some, which has enabled the development of a comfortable, inviting, and safe environment for all. That’s why we’re the best.

As the cattery Brisbane locals can trust, we’ve custom-designed our shared spaces with a lounge zone, television, and cat courtyard, among other niceties.

Each Kip cat will receive their own one-on-one time with a member of our cat-loving team, as well as free personal wander time in the luscious sunny courtyard of our pet resort. With us, there’s a place for everyone; friendly, energetic cats as well as quieter, more reserved cats

Kip Brisbane Cat Boarding

See what our guests think

Kenn Lydiard

I like them. Straight up staff, considerate yet not fussy. Good to deal with. One very happy dog; he turned to his handler as we left and was wagging the tail off his rear end. I'll accept that as a recommendation. Looked good, well fed and cared for. Will use them again, because we can.......

John Z

Always choose here when we are on holiday. Our German Shepherd is well looked after.

Holly Shannon

I am not sure where to begin to explain the wonderful experience I had with Kip. After finding out short notice that I needed to fly home to New Zealand because of my dad being admitted to hospital. A friend recommended I contact Kip to see if they could take care of my dog Frankie. Nikki was a pleasure to deal with on the phone which was a relief given I was already highly emotional. She called me back within a short time to inform me that they did have space for Frankie and that I could drop him off after 2pm that day. This was the first time in the 6 years I have had Frankie that he spent time at a kennel so I was very nervous, but those nerves were eased with the welcome we received on arrival to Kip. While I was away I received daily photo/video updates and all I can say is Frankie looked so happy. This was very reassuring for me given how anxious I was about him staying in a kennel. I honestly cannot recommend Kip Brisbane Pet Resort highly enough and I will be using their services from now on when I need a place for frankie to stay.

Rachel Fitzgerald

Highly recommend KIP Brisbane Pet Resort for your pets accomodation and needs. I have a staffy who is very anxious and does not get along with other dogs due to trauma. I called numerous other resorts and they refused to take her due to her needs. KIP did not hesitate once about taking her in. They treated her like their own and were so loving and kind towards her. I could see she was very comfortable with the staff through the daily updates they provided and she especially loved the pool! I will 100 times over leave my fur baby with them again. Well done team 👏 🥰

Kip Accommodation

Custom-Built Facilities

Our cattery facilities and staff account for the needs and personalities of all cats, not just some, which has enabled the development of a comfortable, inviting, and safe environment for all.

As the cattery Brisbane locals can trust, we’ve custom-designed the shared spaces of our pet resort with a lounge zone, television, and cat courtyard, among other niceties. Each Kip cat will receive their own one-on-one time with a member of our cat-loving cattery team, as well as free personal wander time in our luscious sunny courtyard. With us, there’s a place for everyone; friendly, energetic cats as well as quieter, more reserved cats.

Custom-Built Facilities

Tailored Experiences

Offering a widespread range of choices, your cat’s boarding experience can be individually tailored to their specific personality and regular hobbies, allowing your cat to feel like they’re at home. We find that most cats settle in very quickly and have a happy stay lounging in their comfortable cattery accommodation, with the occasional trip outside for some sunbaking.

Choose from our penthouse suite designed for luxurious fun or our classic room to keep your furball clean, comfortable, safe, and engaged! We’re the cattery Brisbane residents can count on.

Tailored Experiences

Classic Rooms & Penthouse Suites

Space, comfort, and cleanliness come as the standard at Kip. Our classic rooms epitomise comfortable living, offering multi-level accommodation to suit all climbing needs and full insulation to keep your friend comfortable no matter the weather. Cuddle time during the day, and rugged-up quarters to curl up in at night – they might not ever want to leave!

At our luxury penthouse suites, ultimate feline fun is guaranteed. In a climate-controlled environment with plenty of space, including a large private play area, nooks for napping and plenty of toys for company, your cat will feel like they’re in heaven's luxury suites. What’s more is, your furball friend will be treated to premium-grade, nutritious food, and endless cuddles from our animal-crazed staff.

Classic Rooms & Penthouse Suites

Treats and Meals

Is your furball on a special food plan? Just like our pet resort accommodation offerings, we tailor our food menus for cats to match what they’re issued at home.

We serve premium Royal Canin dry food every morning or, if your cat prefers, we’ll divide their recommended daily portion into two servings, providing both a morning and evening meal. What’s more, our cat-loving staff supervise mealtimes, preventing your pet from having access to others’ food.

You can also choose to treat your cat to some special added extras – like one-on-one time or yummy treats! Select from our cattery menu of tasty tidbits to create an un-fur-gettable Kip cattery Brisbane experience for your loved one.

Treats and Meals

Has planning your own public holiday getaway been stressful enough? Running out of time to plan an extra trip to our cattery Brisbane?No need to fear, we offer our ‘Pet Chauffeur Service’ to all Brisbane locals, meaning you don’t have to factor in another trip.With us, your furball will be collected from home, before travelling to our pet resort in the comfort of a fully air-conditioned van, accompanied by a staff member.When it’s time to return home, we’ll drop off your happy furry fairy member back to your home!

What we do


Do you have a cat that requires overnight care?

Many of our pet retreats offer cat accommodation options. Our staff are well versed in the quirks of our feline friends - providing a high level of care and attention in accommodation from standard rooms to penthouse suites.


Make your visit easier!

At Kip, we offer pick-up and drop-off to our locations to provide you with convenience and ensure you have a great experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Cat Boarding Brisbane Include?

At Kip, every cat will enjoy their own private space, a temperature-controlled room and one-on-one cuddle time with our team! We’re passionate in our belief that your cat should see our cattery as a home away from home. They’ll be able to stretch out in our lavish living room, or their own personal room, complete with insulation and cat-friendly furniture.

Your cat’s happiness is our number one concern, which is why we serve only the best quality Royal Canin dry food, offer extra special touches as part of our standard service, and will send daily video updates to keep you in regular contact with your loved one! Cat boarding Brisbane, reimagined, thanks to Kip.

Relax on your vacation, knowing that your feline friend is in good hands. Their staycation holiday will be simply purr-fect.

How Long Can Cats Stay in a Cattery For?

At Kip, your cat is welcome to stay with us overnight or even for a longer-term stay! Talk to our team about your cat boarding needs, and we’ll be able to discuss your options with you.

How Do Cats Typically React to Catteries?

Every cat is unique and will have different reactions to the environment. In saying this, we do absolutely everything we can to ensure they’re happy, having fun and safe at cat boarding. Whilst some settle into the surroundings almost instantly, others will take a little while. However, for the most part, we find our cats settle in very quickly. Cats love our relaxing, comfortable environment. Our team of expert staff are experienced in caring for all kinds of cats!

Is Cat Boarding Stressful for Cats?

We understand how difficult it can be to leave your cat in the hands of someone else, trusting your bundle of fur to us is something we don’t take lightly.

That’s why we’ve spent so much time developing an environment that is relaxing, comfortable, fun, and happy, staffed with passionate cat-lovers. We find most cats settle in super quickly and have a relaxed, happy stay; lounging around and sunbaking within their sunny pet resort accommodation, mixing it up now and then to visit our cat courtyard or lounge zone.

Is It Better to Board a Cat or Leave it at Home?

There is no simple answer, as every cat is different, and every owner must make their own judgement.

However, from our own years of experience working with cats, we know how to cater to every type of personality. We’re not your traditional cattery, which is why we include plenty of special touches as part of our pet resort service, including daily one-on-one time and cuddles.

If you choose Kip for your cattery needs while you’re away, rest assured the safety and happiness of your cat is our absolute number one priority, just like yours.

Can I Bring Food from Home?

If your cat is on a specialised diet, we’re more than happy to serve meals from home. Just bring them along at check-in and our staff will supervise its delivery to your furry family member!

What If My Pet Takes Medication?

Your cat will be well looked after; at Kip, our experienced staff ensure your pet’s medication needs are taken care of, just as they would be at home. Simply pack their medication in a well-labelled container and let our helpful team know.

We’ll carefully care for and administer your cat’s medication to your specifications. For this service, we charge $5/day for the preparation and administration of medication for pets under our care.

Can I Get a Discount for Additional Cats?

Pet siblings are more than welcome at Kip! We offer additional pets from the same family a 20% discount for accommodation when they share a room. Our optional same family packages are charged per room, so you’ll get double the fun and shared playtime if you add an extra package, all for the price of one!

Can I Inspect Your Accommodation?

We’d love to have you inspect our cat boarding accommodation and assess its’ suitability for your pet! At Kip, we’re proud of our top-notch facilities and welcome all members of the Kip family to our locations across the country. Please contact our lovely team to arrange an inspection during opening hours. See you soon!

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