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Cat Boarding Adelaide

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Cat boarding

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At Kip, we’re all for the good times. Keeping your four-legged friend happy and safe while you’re away is our number one priority.

The Cattery Adelaide Locals Trust

At Kip, we’re reimagining cat boarding. We believe that your cat’s boarding experience should be no different to the level of premium, tender loving care they’re used to at home. We’re not your traditional cattery, we’re a pet resort, where your cat will be treated to 5-star service, spacious facilities, and comfortable accommodation.

With Kip cat boarding Adelaide, your feline friend will be able to stretch out in their own personal room complete with cosy furniture and insulation or kick back and relax in our luxurious outdoor space. Space, comfort, and access come as the standard at Kip cat boarding Adelaide.We know that boarding can be a stressful experience for both you and your cat, which is why we’ve worked hard to create a home away from home for our Kip family.

Relax on your holiday, with peace of mind knowing your best friend is in good hands. At Kip, their staycation will be simply purr-fect.

The Cattery Adelaide Locals Trust

Cat Boarding Adelaide

At Kip, we’ve worked tirelessly to create the most comfortable, inviting, and safe environment, fit for cats of all kinds. We believe that to be the best cattery in Adelaide, our facilities and staff must account for the needs and personalities of all cats, not just some.

We’ve applied this philosophy in every aspect of our facilities, offering an extensive range of choice so that your cat will be comfortable and happy, no matter the situation. Your cat’s boarding experience should mirror the same level of love and affection they’re used to at home, and with Kip Adelaide, it will.

Sitting on acres of space, our cattery Adelaide facilities have everything your cat will ever need and more.

Cat Boarding Adelaide

Kip Accommodation

Penthouse Suites

Our paw-sitively luxurious Penthouse Suites are designed for ultimate feline fun and maximum comfort. A climate-controlled environment with a substantial private play area, nooks for napping and climate apparatus, your little friend will be treated to a life of premium luxury, endless cuddles, and tender loving care. Your furry friend will be treated to premium nutritious food and the best cuddles in the business from our cat-loving, experienced Kip crew every single day.

Penthouse Suites

We’ve custom designed our cat space with a lounge zone, television, and cat courtyard. Each cat will receive one-on-one time with our cat-loving team and free wander time in our sunny courtyard. Cats will be able to choose where they want to go and when! At Kip, there’s a place for friendly, energetic cats, as well as quieter and more reserved cats. We find that most cats settle in very quickly and have a happy stay lounging in their comfortable accommodation, with the occasional trip outside for some sunbaking.

Choose from our penthouse suite designed for luxurious fun or our classic room to keep your furball clean, comfortable, safe, and engaged!

Classic Rooms

Comfortable, clean, and safe, our classic room for cats offers multi-level accommodation to suit all climbing needs and full insulation, keeping your furry friend comfortable no matter the weather. Complete with cosy bedding, toys and plenty of space, your cat will feel right at home. Couches, cubby houses, sunny courtyards, and televisions are the standard at a classic Kip room. Cuddle time during the day, a cosy bed in comfortable quarters at night. It really doesn’t get any better; they might not ever want to leave!

Classic Rooms

Treats and Meals

Does your furball need a special food plan? We’re experts at tailoring menus to match what your cat issued to at home. There’s nothing like knowing your feline friend is comfortable and satisfied, 24/7. Our cat-loving staff supervise mealtimes, and your pet won’t have access to others’ food.

We serve premium Royal Canin dry food every morning or, if your cat prefers, we’ll divide their recommended daily portion into two servings, providing both a morning and evening meal.

If your cat is on a specialised diet, we’re more than happy to serve meals from home. Just bring them along at check-in and our staff will supervise its delivery to your furry family member!

You can also choose to treat your cat to some special added extras – like one-on-one time or yummy treats! Select from our menu of tasty tidbits to create an un-fur-gettable Kip cat boarding Adelaide experience for your loved one.

Treats and Meals


At Kip cat boarding Adelaide, the safety of your treasured friend is our absolute number one priority. When you join the Kip family, you won’t have to worry about all; we combine tender loving care with decades of experience caring for cats of all different breeds.

From safely exploring our spacious green yards, to supervised playtimes and mealtimes, you can rest easy knowing your cat is having a relaxing, comfortable, fun, and above all, safe holiday.

More than anybody, we understand the emotional attachment one has with their cat and how stressful it can be to leave them in the care of someone else. As such, this is why we recommend all pet parents to visit our cattery to see how we’ve set everything up! If this interests you, please contact our team to arrange an inspection during our opening hours.


What we do


Do you have a cat that requires overnight care?

Many of our pet retreats offer cat accommodation options. Our staff are well versed in the quirks of our feline friends - providing a high level of care and attention in accommodation from standard rooms to penthouse suites.


Make your visit easier!

At Kip, we offer pick-up and drop-off to our locations to provide you with convenience and ensure you have a great experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Cat Boarding Adelaide Include?

At Kip, every cat will enjoy their own private space, a temperature-controlled room and one-on-one cuddle time with our team! To top it all off, we serve only the best quality Royal Canin dry food and will send daily video updates to keep you in regular contact with your loved one! Cat boarding reimagined with Kip.

We’ll be completely transparent in the service and care we provide your cat with. We frequently communicate with our happy Kip members through our customer-facing portal and social media pages, so make sure to chuck us and follow and stay in the loop! We’re proud to own the best cat boarding facilities in Adelaide!

Is Cat Boarding Stressful for Cats?

We understand how difficult it can be to leave your cat in the hands of someone else. This is why we’ve spent so much time developing an environment that is comfortable, fun, relaxing and happy, staffed with passionate cat-lovers. We find most cats settle in very quickly and have a relaxed, happy stay lounging around and sunbaking within their sunny accommodation, mixing it up now and then to visit our cat courtyard or lounge zone.

How Long Can Cats Stay in a Cattery For?

At Kip, your cat is welcome to stay with us just overnight or even for a longer-term stay! Talk to our team about your needs, and we’ll be able to discuss your options with you.

How Do Cats Typically React to Catteries?

As you’re probably aware, every cat is unique and will have differing reactions to the environment. When your cat stays with us, we’ll do everything we possibly can to ensure they’re happy, safe, and having fun. Some may take a little while to settle into the environment, while others will take to it straight away. However, for the most part, we find our cats settle in very quickly due to our relaxing, comfortable environment. Our team of expert staff are experienced in caring for all kinds of cats!

How Much Does Cat Boarding Adelaide Cost?

Cat boarding with Kip starts at $25 per day for the classic rooms. All bookings require a 10% pre-payment. Extra charges will ensue if any of our luxury packages are added to the booking. You can also choose to treat your furball to some special added extras – like more one-on-one time or yummy treats. Select from our menu of tasty delights to create an unforgettable Kip pet hotel experience for your loved one.

Do I Get a Discount for Additional Cats?

Cat siblings are more than welcome at Kip! We offer additional cats from the same family a 20% discount for accommodation when they share a room. Our optional packages are charged per room, so you’ll get double the fun and shared playtime if you add an extra package, all for the price of one! How good?

What if My Cat Takes Medication?

Our experienced cat boarding Sydney staff will ensure that your companion’s needs are cared for, just as they would be at home. Simply pack your cat’s medication in a labelled container and let our team know. We’ll considerately administer your cat’s medication to the outlined specifications. We charge $5 per day for the preparation and delivery of medication for cats under our care.

Can I Bring Food from Home for My Cat?

At Kip, the happiness of your cat is one of our highest priorities. As such, you’re more than welcome to bring your cat’s own food to our pet resort if you prefer. If you do elect to bring your own food, please ensure it’s well labelled.

As the standard, we provide only the best premium Royal Canin dry food as part of our complete service.

Can I Inspect Your Accommodation?

We’d love to have you inspect our accommodation and assess its’ suitability for your cat! At Kip, we’re proud of our top-notch facilities and welcome all members of the Kip family to our locations across the country. Please contact our lovely team to arrange an inspection during opening hours. See you soon!

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