Dog Kennels Canberra

Dog Kennels Canberra

Dog Boarding Canberra Canines Adore

Kip’s journey to reinvent the kennel experience across the country has arrived in Canberra. Featuring plenty of room to roam about, lots of tasty treats, and plenty of love and affection, Kip offer your pups the ultimate home away from home at our Canberra dog boarding centre.

We know that saying goodbye to your pup when you go on holiday is hard, but we guarantee they’ll be comfortable with Kip. They’ll be surrounded by other fun-loving dogs, and there are lots of activities you can add to your pet’s stay. Experience the dog kennels Canberra pet owners love at Kip.

Kip is run by dog lovers, for dog lovers. We encourage pooches of all shapes and sizes to come and stay with us. Give your pet the holiday they deserve at Kip, while you enjoy yours.

Dog Boarding Canberra Canines Adore

Boarding With Kip

Extra Bush Walks

One of our most popular add-on activities at Kip's Dog boarding Canberra is the bush walk. Nestled in the heart of rural ACT, Kip has a vast world to explore just outside the facilities, where your dog will be taken for a guided walk on a leash. Exploring new sights and sounds is important for dogs and will help them get more comfortable in unfamiliar situations.

Extra Bush Walks

Classic Rooms

Our comfy classic rooms at Kip Canberra are a private retreat for your courageous canine. Unlike the traditional kennel, we think all dogs need their own spaces to have time to unwind, as even the most confident dogs can become stressed and anxious without some alone time.

Kip's dog kennels in Canberra offer a cosy interior space with a private outdoor grassy area. All rooms are well insulated, keeping them warm in the winter and plenty of fresh air during the warmer months. Comfort comes standard at Kip.

Starts From: $49 per day

Classic Rooms

Playtime, Playtime, & More Playtime!

Running around in the fresh air with other dogs is so important for dogs of all shapes and sizes. At Kip's Canberra dog boarding centre, your dog will have plenty of time to socialise with the other four-legged residents. All pups are grouped together with dogs of similar sizes and temperaments to ensure everyone gets along, boosting social confidence in the process.

All play sessions will be supervised and are balanced out with downtime. Kip offer the dog kennels Canberra pet owners turn to for the safest and most stimulating outdoor fun for their canines.

Playtime, Playtime, & More Playtime!

Mealtime at Kip

Mealtime at our Canberra dog boarding centre is an exciting part of the day. All dogs are served Royal Canin dog food as standard, with servings to meet the dietary requirements of every dog in line with what they get at home. If your pup has any special requirements, please let a staff member know, and we’ll tailor the menu to suit. We can also incorporate food from home if need be.

Kip also has a range of treats to snack on as required, like pig ears, small bones, roo-sticks, and Kongs with peanut butter to make them feel even better!

All mealtimes are watched closely by our staff to ensure everyone behaves, and if you have any special food brought in from home, your dog will be the only one eating it.

Mealtime at Kip

What we do


Are you needing overnight care for your dog?

Keeping your four-legged friend happy, comfortable and safe is what pet boarding with us is all about. Every Kip trip comes with cosy rooms, premium meals, and extras that are sure to entertain even the fussiest pets.


Make your visit easier!

At Kip, we offer pick-up and drop-off to our locations to provide you with convenience and ensure you have a great experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Canberra dog boarding include?

Each Kip dog boarding Canberra experience comes with premium dry food, a spacious room complete with private indoor and outdoor space, and one-on-one playtime with our dog-loving Kip crew. We’ll also give your precious pooch a luxurious warm hydro bath and blow dry on departure, so they’re fresh and ready for cuddles when they come home to you. We’re not like the other dog kennels in Canberra. You can fully paw-sonalise your dog’s stay by adding extra treats and fun activities to their holiday with us. Get in touch with a team member to inquire about what you can add to your dog’s stay.

Can you administer my dog’s medication?

All dogs are looked after with close attention during their stay at Kip. If your dog requires a particular medication, each member of our team is experienced in administering medicine and will be able to do so as instructed by you.

All you need to do is pack their medication in a well-labelled container and advise our team on how frequently it needs to be delivered. We charge $5/day to prepare and administer medicines for all dogs under our care in Canberra.

How much does the dog kennels Canberra staycation cost?

Dog boarding in Canberra with Kip starts at just $49/day. The standard cost includes their own spacious room, an individual grass yard and private indoor space, fun one-on-one playtime with our dedicated Kip team, and delicious premium food.

The happiness of your pup is the number one im-paw-tance at Kip, and we strive to provide a fun, safe, and engaging pet hotel environment.

Is there a discount for additional dogs?

You bet! We love having the whole family involved at Kip’s Dog Kennels Canberra. Pets from the same families are given a discount when they share a room. Furthermore, all additional packages are charged by the room, so the extra packages will apply to both pets!

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