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At Kip, we’re all about happy stays for your four-legged friends while you’re away.

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What does pet boarding include?

Pet boarding at Kip includes a lodging facility for your special friend. Kip’s pet boarding facilities are available for dogs and cats of all sizes, providing a high level of care and attention for an overnight or extended stay while you’re away or unable to have your pet at home. Also known as pet hotels, pet resorts, boarding kennels, and catteries, pet boarding is essentially an accommodation solution for your pet and will include a comfortable bed and room, daily meals, plenty of playtime, and best of all - other furry friends for your pet to hang out with.

The main reasons that people choose to use pet boarding services include holidays and vacations, renovations to a property, or short stays while a family moves house or relocates. The advantage of using a boarding kennel over a pet sitter is that your special friend will go to a dedicated location with other dogs and cats, where they will receive the same level of care and attention that they are used to receiving at home.

What about day care?

Doggy day care is exactly what it sounds like – a day care for your dog! For many of us leading busy lives, it can be hard to provide daily walks, socialisation, and constant supervision of our beloved pets. Particularly if you have to go into work every day, it can be hard to make sure your pet is having as much fun at home as they would be if you were able to spend the day with them.

As such, Kip’s day care facilities provide the perfect setting to provide daytime care for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Dog day-care includes morning and afternoon play sessions, quiet time to recharge, tasty treats as rewards throughout the day, and full, constant supervision from our dog-loving day care trainers and experts. You can simply drop off your little friend in the morning on the way to the office, and pick them up once they’re all tuckered out!

What kind of animals do you offer pet boarding for?

At Kip Happy Stays, we have pet boarding facilities across Australia, exclusively providing boarding for dogs and cats. Whether you're after a dog kennel in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or anywhere in between - we've got you covered.

How much does boarding cost with Kip?

Boarding costs vary spending on the length of the stay, type of room, and location/boarding site and will include a play area, meals, and treats, and a spacious sleeping area for your pet to come back to each night. Daily, your pet will receive one-on-one playtime or snuggles with a dedicated Kip team member, and free time with other pets of a similar temperament.

Do my pets need to be vaccinated?

Yes – your dog or cat will need to be vaccinated for pet boarding and daycare services at Kip. Across all Kip centres and kennels, the safety of all pets and people remain the number one priority. As such, we request that all pets are up to date with their latest vaccinations and are in good health before visiting or staying with Kip.

For daycare, we accept dogs 10 days after their seccond vaccine (C5 or equivalent), be wormed, and treated for fleas. Your local daycare will also need to see proof of current vaccination, by a vaccination certificate. For more information on vaccinations required for Kip’s services, get in touch with our friendly team today on 1800 951 926 or by emailing [email protected].

Can I become a Kip member?

Absolutely! Kip members can benefit from discounts across day care services, retail products, dog training, dog wash services, and transportation services where applicable. If you have more than one pet, you can use your membership for all of your dogs.

Are your pet hotels safe?

Absolutely. Safety is at the core of everything that we do – our primary goal is to ensure that your pet is safe, happy, and comfortable; whether they are staying with us for a day, or an extended holiday.

The Kip team at each pet boarding facility has years of experience in caring for pets all of all shapes and sizes, and will conduct daily health and weight checks to ensure the health of your furry friend. Our network of local vets are always on call, and are available to provide round-the-clock care if required in our pet resorts.

Each boarding kennel has been designed to welcome dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes and ensure they are safe throughout their stay. We encourage every pet parent to visit our accommodation before booking in to inspect the facilities, get their furry friend to feel comfortable in the space, and have confidence in Kip’s ability to provide the same level of care received at home.

My pet has a special diet or takes medication – are they still eligible for boarding?

Yes! If your pet has specific food they need to have, or is on medication, we can make sure they stick to these parameters while boarding at Kip.

For medication administration, simply pack your pet’s medication in a well-labelled container and let our helpful boarding team know. We’ll carefully care for and administer all medicine as per the vet’s instructions. We charge $5/ day for the preparation and administration of medication for pets under our care.

For dietary requirements, you are more than welcome to pack your pet’s own food if you’d like. We provide only the highest quality, premium cuisines for dogs and cats as part of the service, but understand if you’d like to stick to the same diet. If you do choose to bring your own food, please ensure it’s well labelled.

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