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Tips for Pet Parents over the Holiday Season

You’ve booked a holiday, or you’re going away, but your pet can’t come with you – what to do? There are a multitude of options nowadays: pet boarding, pet sitter, friends, family… The list goes on.

House Rules

Having family and friends over is always fun, but you should also make sure that any guests are aware of your house rules with your pet. Maybe your pet needs a gentle touch and doesn’t want to run around all the time with little children, or maybe they don’t want to be bothered when they’re eating their food – establishing these boundaries early on will keep everyone safe and happy.

Stay Hydrated and Cool

Christmas Down Under usually means hot days in the sun, which is good for a tan, but not so good for your pet if they’re outside all the time. Make sure your pet has ample fresh water to keep them hydrated and access to shade at all times. Remember, if it’s too hot for you, it’s even warmer for your pet with their fur coats.

Noise Anxiety

Loud noises such as fireworks, thunderstorms, and crackers can startle your dog and possibly damage their sensitive ears. You can help to desensitise themselves from the noise in the lead-up to Christmas and give them a safe place to retire if there’s too much stimulation.

Keep Doors Secure

The holiday festivities may not be an environment your pet is familiar with, and as guests trickle in, an open door is a potential escape route. Make sure that your pet is properly secured and that guests know not to leave doors and gates open.

Decor can be Dangerous

While putting up Christmas decorations can be a family occasion, these can be a hazard for pets. Baubles, tinsel, Christmas lights, wrapping paper, and wrapping ribbon can all be potential choke hazards or even risk electric shock if chewed. Even Christmas Tree water can be toxic to your pets! Make sure to keep an eye on your pet, keep décor away from them, and clean up as soon as possible.

Don’t Fall for those Puppy Dog Eyes

A bit of some Christmas feast for our pets can seem like a good idea, but some holiday foods can be fatal for pets. Keep them away from foods that include alcohol, avocados, chocolate, Christmas pudding, cooked bones, lollies, onion, and pork. Instead, give them a little extra Christmas treat with a Christmas pup-cake, or extra cuddles and play.

Give your dog their own Staycation

Otherwise, take all the stress out of the holiday period and let someone else take care of your pet for you! Kip is a pet boarding provider with locations all around Australia that specialise in giving your pet a home away from home. Your four-legged friends will enjoy private rooms, outdoor yards to play in, nutritious meals and treats, and the opportunity to socialise and make new friends.

Sh!t Happens

While all pet parents do their best to have a safe and stress-free holiday, emergencies do happen. Make sure you know who to call and which vets are open for the holiday season.

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